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EverQuest II Zone Information
Introduced Desert of Flames SC
Level Range 50-65
Adjacent Zones The Sinking Sands, The Living Tombs
Instance Public
Timelines none
Quests NPCs Monsters Named Monsters
Drops Instances POIs Discos

What does this information mean?

Formerly known as Akhet Aken, home of the Sul'Dal (Sand Elves), this is the legendary original home of a sect of Anashti'Sul worshipping Dal (Elves) who had left Takish'Hiz.

The entrance is reached via The Sinking Sands by traveling to south east part of The Bay of Anuk. There you will find a cave at ( -892, -235, -1253 ) /waypoint -892, -235, -1253 which leads to the entrance.

Quests Edit

See The Peacock Club Timeline for the main quest series.

Explorer Punja


Inspect a tattered scroll ( 141, 31, 169 ) /waypoint 141, 31, 169

Description Edit

Locked away from living eyes, the Silent City can only be accessed once an adventurer has learned the secrets of finding this buried city within the Living Tombs.

The dungeon known as The Silent City consists of the temple of Anashti Sul and the surrounding city precincts. The temple complex, known as the Temple of Youth, is a unique structure that acts as the center of activity for (original site text drops of suddenly here...)

- From Dungeons in the Desert

Travel Edit

Three sections to the zone: Halls of War (where you zone in to), Halls of Learning (garden areas), Temple Court (epic area).

  • The main entrance is located in The Sinking Sands, in the easternmost cave in the Bay of Anuk. ( -950, -230, -1050 ) /waypoint -950, -230, -1050
  • The back door is located past a turning-bridge in the Statue Court of The Living Tombs, which is crossed by clicking to turn it into place.
  • Note: As of February 2006, there is no longer any access quest for either entrance.
  • Note 2 : As of October 28th, 2010. I was able to access The Silent City from the main entrance. It is guarded by many bunches of mobs. Packs of 3 easy lvl 55-56 mobs.