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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature  (AA)
Journal Level 80 (Tier 9)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Moors of Ykesha more
How to Start Speak to The Great Morsley in Firmroot Moot
part of: The Shadow Odyssey Timeline
Preceded by:
The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 3: Veilbreaker Down
Followed by:
The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 5: Breaking the Chains
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  1. Go to East Freeport to Ignacius Fallon at ( -62, -38, 30 ) /waypoint -62, -38, 30
  2. Head to The Obelisk of Lost Souls, where people have reported seeing tapestries related to the Ethernauts
    1. Get to The Keeper of Nihility's room 2nd level of the dungeon ( 47, 566, 453 ) /waypoint 47, 566, 453. You need to have completed the quest Summoning the Creator to get there.
    2. Determine whether the tapestries are connected to the Ethernauts by clicking any of them, once inside the Keeper's room
    3. Search for a tapestry representing Bayle. Walk near the one with a Claymore on it. ( 32, 568, 480 ) /waypoint 32, 568, 480
    4. Search for a tapestry representing Eylee. Walk near the one with a Mandolin on it. ( 65, 568, 494 ) /waypoint 65, 568, 494
    5. Search for a tapestry representing Fiddlewiz. Walk near the one with a Coverall on it. ( 59, 568, 498 ) /waypoint 58.5, 568, 498
    6. Search for a tapestry representing Kruzz. Walk near the one with a Fork on it. ( 59, 568, 446 ) /waypoint 58.5, 568, 445.5
    7. Search for a tapestry representing Asharae. Walk near the one with a Mage Robe on it. ( 64, 568, 451 ) /waypoint 64, 568, 451
    8. Search for a tapestry representing Kaltuk. Walk near the one with a Simple Robe on it. ( 32, 568, 492 ) /waypoint 32, 568, 492
    9. Search for a tapestry representing Nurgg. Walk near the one with a Shield on it. ( 65, 568, 479 ) /waypoint 65, 568, 479
    10. Locate any missing tapestries - After you run into each tapestry to update the named Ethernauts find the blank spot on the wall where a tapestry could have been hanging, behind a broken stone pillar near the entrance door in the same room with the other ones. Just have to keep running around the pillar. (Note: Running in two complete counter clockwise circles, touching each wall with a tapestry will update the quest.) ( 51, 568, 502 ) /waypoint 50.5, 568, 502
  3. Return to East Freeport to talk to Ignacius Fallon again about the missing tapestries
  4. Break into the Nasin's home and retrieve the tapestries
    1. Go to North Freeport, 3 Compassion Road and run along the left side of the house ( -150, -58, -226 ) /waypoint -150, -58, -226 to be automatically zoned into The Nasin Manor Library (Note: The person on this stage of the quest must be the one to pull their group in)
    2. Kill the lvl 83^^^ guard waiting for you inside (difficult but soloable by classes with root or mezz, easier if you bring a group. Hits really hard, and has 247k hp. (You have to kill the guard in order to pick up the tapestries to further the quest.)
    3. Take down the two tapestries inside the library
  5. Replace the tapestries in The Obelisk of Lost Souls by heading back to the 2nd level and click any of the tapestries on the walls
  6. Return to Firmroot Moot and talk to The Great Morsley


At least 22g 11s 70c

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