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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced The Shadow Odyssey Guk: HOF
Level Range 80
Zone in from Moors of Ykesha
Parent Zone None
Difficulty Group
Persistence 18hours - 3 days
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

What does this information mean?


Located in the NW of Moors or Ykesha ( 720, 146, -837 ) /waypoint 720, 146, -837, quests are available for the zone from Firmroot Moot, which also has a balloon ride to the zone entrance (doors of Guk). One of the harder group zones in the expansion, it contains many social mobs in large groups near others, high speed wandering and teleporting mobs - make pulls tricky. The main damage type is noxious, and priests will soon get tired of curing all the frequently reapplied DoTs. 2 shard quest of the day clicky was at ( 169, -63, -255 ) /waypoint 169, -63, -255


You enter the first large hall "The Chamber of Afterlife" from the South. Clear all of the area that you can access. After killing an Ancient Fungoid ( 108, -34, -193 ) /waypoint 108, -34, -193 Eq2map, there is a clicky mushroom at ( 96, -35, -207 ) /waypoint 96, -35, -207It is tan colored and cleverly hidden in the bush that's surrounded by a green mist. Click it and receive PURE FUNGUS.

In the center of the dark pool ( 69, -40, -112 ) /waypoint 69, -40, -112 Eq2map right click on the SMALL IDOL to "Pour the fungus you gathered on the idol". Doing this will open the door at ( 105, -32, -116 ) /waypoint 105, -32, -116 which will lead you to Rideepa the Prideful.

Rideepa the PridefulEdit

Continuing down toward the "Temple of the Prideful", Rideepa is standing in front of a squat statue of a troll warrior ( 173, -1, -242 ) /waypoint 173, -1, -242 Eq2map that you need to "move" to the top of the "peculiar pedestal" back in the Chamber of Afterlife ( 7, -32, -96 ) /waypoint 7, -32, -96 Eq2map. There are two adds to start, a gaz devotee and a gaz fanatic; during the fight Rideepa will emote, summoning help. Going down a bit further, you can see into the next area, but its a dead end.

Froppit the EverlivingEdit

Heading back through the Chamber of Afterlife and taking the now-opened exit at ( 39, -39, -169 ) /waypoint 39, -39, -169, head down to the Font of the Everliving. Coming from Froppit's chamber are a continuous stream of respawning unstable ghouls.

Froppit has a couple of adds (and may try to summon more) and does disease damage and crush. If you kill a crumbling ghoul knight before Froppit is slain, a large AOE is released. After Froppit is dead, head up the ramp to the platform behind him. You can open up a passage by clicking blocks on the walls ( -60, -42, -258 ) /waypoint -60, -42, -258 Eq2map (top left, then top right and bottom block in order). The passage opens behind you.

Molinap the DestructorEdit

Molinap is a dragon, sitting atop his treasure hoard. Before you reach the dragon, in the crocodile-infested waters below, retrieve a Shiny Golden Trinket from a chest ( -22, -72, -326 ) /waypoint -22, -72, -326 Eq2map. Use the Shiny Golden Trinket in this fight when Molinap emotes. The dragon's major attack is "Incapacitating Screech" a heat AoE that stuns.

After fighting Molinap, the next area requires you to jump down into a darkened well ( 34, -33, -321 ) /waypoint 34, -33, -321. The crocodile waiting at the bottom can be arrow-pulled from the top and killed before the party jumps. There is no apparent way to climb back up, so you are stuck in the last part of the zone unless you evac.

a Ghoul UsurperEdit

The Ghoul Usurper ( 152, -30, -256 ) /waypoint 152, -30, -256 Eq2map spawns after you move 3 "cadaverous body of a cursed Guk froglok" to three "stone tables". Clear area then return for the bodies. Locations of bodies and closest stone tables: (29, -591, -239) to (-23,-58, 254) , (81, -62, -262) to (107, -63, 250) and (120, -64, -246) to (151, -63, 258). Killing the Ghoul Usurper opens the last gate at: (125, -64, 287)

Lord KurpepEdit

Lord Kurpep ( 124, -40, -386 ) /waypoint 124, -40, -386 Eq2map is the last and hardest named. He periodically summons several a summoned shin knight squire and a shin knight squire, and ports a member of the group to the ledges on either side of his spawn spot, or way up the top of the spire behind him. Kurpep spawns adds on those group members that will accompany them back down. Kurpep will charm and has a nasty noxious stun/power drain that he will cast on the pull and every 20% thereafter. To avoid the big AOE, use stifles/stuns.