Replica - Qeynos Claymore (Visible)

The Qeynos Claymore

Also known by its proper name, Enoxus, this longsword has a mysterious past with some claiming it to be planar in origin. Regardless, the Qeynos Claymore is a very powerful weapon. The length of its magical blade is engraved with Void Glyphs - a form of written language dating back to the dawn of time. The sword was brought into the world of Norrath by Vallius Bayle and presented as a trophy to the ruling human clans of the Plains of Karana long before the founding of the city of Qeynos. Vallius's son, Antonius Bayle I, reintroduced the sword into his family be earning it in a tournament of difficult challenges held by the Paladins of Karana.

Loosely translated from an early human tongue, "Qeynos" means human destiny, and to this Antonius Bayle I lived up. With the sword in hand he became a great hero and unified the local human clans, forming the great city that bears the sword's name. The City of Qeynos has embraced its namesake and expanded its influence upon the world of Norrath. Qeynos has become one of the greatest kingdoms on Norrath, earning the respect of many other empires and races.

Today a monument to the Qeynos Claymore stands in The Claymore Plaza and a replica was erected after the War of Plagues in Antonica called Claymore Monument.

---Source: Everquest II website