The Pillars of Flame
Levels 50-60
Pillars of Flame
Introduced Desert of Flames
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to The Sinking Sands
Quest Lines Pillars of Flame Timeline
Harvesting Tier 6
Quests NPCs Monsters Named
Drops Instances POIs Discos

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The Pillars of Flame is the more dangerous of the two major overland zones in the Desert of Flames. The Pillars of Flame can be accessed either from inside the Clefts of Rujark or from the Sinking Sands. It is home to the two dragons Siyamak and Barakah, the Ashen Order monks and disciples, harpies, naga, goblins, and many other dangers.

Lore Edit

The Pillars of Flame are a collection of immense scarlet-sided mesas that rise from the desert flats. On top of each, a different tale is waiting to be told. The monks of the Ashen Order have established their outpost of T'Narev on the heights of one of the larger plateaus. The prophets and desert madmen can be found on top of other mesas as they climb ever upward in search of enlightenment.

- From The Desert Regions and City of Maj'Dul

Geography Edit

Travel Edit

Access the Pillars of Flame from any of four passes at the western edge of The Sinking Sands, or through The Clefts of Rujark. Taking a Magic Carpet from anywhere within Sinking Sands will now bring you very close to a zone-in point for Pillars of Flame.

Within the zone, a network of flying carpets is available, roughly corresponding to the four corners and center of the zone.

Map Edit

Map exp01 rgn pillars of flame

Dungeons Edit

Dungeon Name Level Range Target Audience Zone Type Typical Duration Location
The Clefts of Rujark 50-56 Solo or Group Shared Dungeon 1 hour South of Sabertooth Valley
The Shimmering Citadel 52-57 Solo or Group Shared Dungeon 1 hour Mirror in cave on Eastern Stinging Isle
Ancient's Table 58-63 Group Instance 20 minutes Across bridge from The Table of Eyes
Cazel's Mesa 60-64 Group Instance 20 minutes Southeast edge of The Giant's Field

Adjacent Zones Edit

Zone Name Level Range Direction Access
The Sinking Sands 45-55 East through any of four passes

Revive Locations Edit

Revive Location Description
Swiftrider's Caravan Only respawn point in this zone

Quests Edit

See the Pillars of Flame Timeline.

Quest Hub Level Range Notes
Swiftrider's Caravan 51-55 Requires Rashad's quests in Sinking Sands
T'Narev 54-60 Separate quest lines for evil and good alignments
Camp Char'Gin 57-60 Continues from Swiftrider's Caravan

Similar Zones Edit

Zone Name Level Range Region Notes
Lesser Faydark 50-60 Faydwer Many solo quests
Tenebrous Tangle 55-62 Kingdom of Sky Solo and heroic content
The Mystic Lake 55-65 The Rediscovered Lands Solo and heroic content

Resources Edit

TierNode TypeCommon ResourcesRare Resources
Tier 6
Animal Den stonehide leather pelt, sabertooth meat & caiman meat scaled leather pelt
Bushes darjeeling tea leaf, prickly pear,
artichoke & maj'dul coffee bean
saguaro root
Fish conger eel, tiger shrimp none
Gemstones Rough Nacre, beryllium cluster Rough Pearl, vanadium cluster
Metal Ore soluble loam, indium cluster alkali loam, cobalt cluster
Roots succulent root saguaro root
Wood severed sandalwood severed ironwood
All Imbuing material: Lambent

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