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The Peat Bog

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The Peat Bog
Levels 5-10
Peat Bog
The Peat Bog
Introduced Shattered Lands
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to
Quest Lines Qeynos Outlying Areas Timeline
Harvesting Tier 1
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Peat Bog - wooden path

the wooden path

Peat Bog - gate to Antonica

the gate to Antonica

Two Logs Pond

Two Logs Pond

Two Logs Pond underwater

Two Logs Pond - view from underwater

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Dark and dank, this zone is small, but it is broken into sections by circular wooden walls that vaguely resemble the edges of rotten tree trunks. The former suburbs of Starcrest Commune and Nettleville are connected by a path made of wooden boards so that Qeynos citizens don't have to get their feet wet crossing the bog. This runs along the north edge of the zone. A gate leading to the moat in Antonica is found near the middle of the top edge of the zone.

The interior of the zone is laid out in a clockwise spiral, with stronger monsters found deeper in.


The Peat Bog can be accessed by the Qeynos mariner's bells. Zoning in will place you at the bottom of the ramp up to Nettleville. WARNING TO EVIL CHARACTERS - the bell is within the agro range of one of the guards (20^^^ Heroic).

The zone to Antonica is safe for evil characters to use.

To find the sewer grate leading down to Vermin's Snye, go south to Two Logs Pond and then due east. The sewer entrance is near the edge of the zone, hard to see but safe to access.


Adjacent ZonesEdit

Zone Name Level Range Direction Access
Antonica 10-20 North Tunnel at ( 666, -32, 394 ) /waypoint 666, -32, 394 Eq2map
Vermin's Snye 10-20 Southeast Sewer grate at ( 578, -33, 507 ) /waypoint 578, -33, 507 Eq2map

Revive LocationEdit

  • Near the former gate to Starcrest Commune ( 774, -26, 368 ) /waypoint 774, -26, 368


  • The monsters of the Peat Bog weren't always so oversized. When LU19 revamped all the newbie zones, the monsters of the Peat Bog were all greatly enlarged. No particular reason was ever given for this.
  • Two Logs Pond originally had a unique, muddy texture to the water. This texture was removed from the water surface during the LU19 revamp, but it can still be seen underwater.

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