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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category The Feerrott  (AA)
Journal Level 40 (Tier 5)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone The Feerrott more
How to Start Speak with Kai Vhri'Jah at ( -112, 14, 204 ) /waypoint -112, 14, 204 in Explorer's Haven
part of: Feerrott Timeline
Preceded by:
Followed by:
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  1. Get the 3 parts of the Mark
    1. The Totem of the Itinerant
      1. Proceed to the Pyramid of Fear, at ( -321, -1, 834 ) /waypoint -321, -1.3, 834 and complete the ring event:
        1. First wave: 2 Thulian ravages which spawn beside the Eye of Thule on top of the pyramid
        2. Second wave: 6 Evol protectorates (38 Heroic), inside the pyramid.
        3. Third wave: 4 Evol Ew Lizardmen of various types
        4. Final wave: an Evol Ritualist and 2 Evol followers
      2. Examine the urn at ( -329.86 -4, 85 ) for the quest Marsh Dust. (optional quest)
      3. Return to Kai
    2. A Vial of Shadow
      1. Slay the Shadow of Therik Mu'sah and 2 Rallosian Alliegants at the Tower of Vul, at ( -953, 12, 495 ) /waypoint -953, 12, 495
      2. Return to Kai
    3. The Writ of the Void
      1. Slay a Tae Ew Shifter.
      2. Return to Kai
  2. Kai Vhri, a large Shadowedman, spawns when you talk to Kai and attacks!



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