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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Cobalt Scar
Journal Level 96 (Tier 10)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Cobalt Scar more
How to Start Speak with Field Marshal Vishra ( 3630, -1016, 1692 ) /waypoint 3630, -1016, 1692
part of: Cobalt Scar Timeline
Preceded by:
Journey to the Scar
Followed by:
The Rock

What does this information mean?

Osh, the speaker of Lodizal, has traveled to the small New Combine outpost in Cobalt Scar. His othmir companions have departed without him, after he warned them of some great danger. Field Marshal Vishra has asked me to find out what this danger is, and to aid Osh in any way I can.


  1. One of the New Combine scouts has pointed me to a pungent plant that might be of use in waking Osh. He said I should search near the Salt Breeze camp.
    1. Speak to Osh ( 3662, -1014, 1718 ) /waypoint 3662, -1014, 1718
    2. Speak to Wret Jarbarrel ( 3640, -1018, 1662 ) /waypoint 3640, -1018, 1662
    3. Throw the hops into Osh's incense bowl
      • Click on Osh's incense bowl at ( 3662, -1015, 1716 ) /waypoint 3662, -1015, 1716
    4. Speak to Osh
  2. Osh has asked me to scout the shoreline for signs of Yeppa's group. He hopes to rejoin them and get an answer as to why they left without him.
    1. Search for the missing othmir near the shore
      • When you approach ( 4075, -1077, 1391 ) /waypoint 4075, -1077, 1391, you'll be attacked by a group of 3 ulthork violators.
    2. Retrieve a flipper from one of the walrus-men to show Osh
  3. I've located a few survivors of the walrus-man attack, but they appear to be in bad shape. I should relay this information back to Osh.
    • Speak to Osh ( 3662, -1014, 1718 ) /waypoint 3662, -1014, 1718


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