The Living Tombs
Levels 45-60
Trade Court
Introduced Desert of Flames
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to The Sinking Sands
The Silent City
Quest Lines none
Quests NPCs Monsters Named
Drops Instances POIs Discos

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See The Peacock Club Timeline for the main quest series.

The Silent City accessEdit

Vessel of Fyr'Un seriesEdit

  1. The Vessel of Fyr'Un (55)
  2. Restoring the Vessel (60)

Description Edit

The ancient city of Ahket Aken pulled underground by the power of the gods still flows with the tainted undead, creating water that both blesses and curses The Sinking Sands.

The Living Tombs represent the main body of the city of Ahket Aken. The city is relatively intact, but it is threatened by a dome of sand. In fact, the majority of the buildings are partially or completely trapped within the surrounding sand. Only the main area is free enough to allow easy movement on the spillway streets.

The original inhabitants were completely submerged beneath the sand. Only when they arose in undeath were they able to begin to clear the area. Using their clawed hands, the smothered citizens of Ahket Aken removed the sand from the main streets and aqueducts, hoping to restore the flow of the fountain. While the flow of the fountain was restored in some places, many of the buildings in the city remain half-buried beneath huge banks of still-shifting sand.

- From Dungeons in the Desert

Travel Edit

A tunnel leads from Trade Court to Residence Court. The others are reached by a series of aquaducts. In order to reach some aquaducts, you need to climb walls, which are slippery. Right-Click on the wall to obtain the quest to make it able to climb. This quest is called "a Slippery Situation".

Locations Edit


To exit the Living Tombs from the Trade Court enter the Residence Court via the tunnel at ( -587, -18, 349 ) /waypoint -587.30, -17.91, 349.28 and go to the climbable wall at ( -374, -10, 373 ) /waypoint -373.90, -9.57, 372.95 and climb up. At the top turn left and jump down into the aqueduct; turn right and follow the aqueduct. At the T junction, hang a right. Follow the duct to ( -482, 18, 316 ) /waypoint -481.96, 17.77, 316.13 and jump off the left side to the aqueduct bellow. Follow this duct to the east until you come to a break in the duct. As I have a short toon, I got up on the left hand edge and jumped across the gap. Continue east and you will drop down into the aqueduct you came in on. To your right is the exit back to the sinking sands.