The Ironforge Exchange (Shattered Lands)
Overseeing all trade operations of Qeynos is the Ironforge Exchange. This is an ancient trade organization ruled by one of the most affluent trade families of the Kingdom of Qeynos, the Ironforges. The Ironforge Exchange Tradeskill Instance is located across from the bank in North Qeynos.
No known allies
No known enemies
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Faction Merchants:Edit

  • Fhara Hanford (Qeynos Capitol District) ( 339, -20, -106 ) /waypoint 339, -20, -106
  • Markus (Qeynos Province District) ( 916, -25, 12 ) /waypoint 916, -25, 12

Faction Rewards:Edit

10,000 (amiable)Edit

20,000 (kindly)Edit

30,000 (warmly)Edit

40,000 (ally)Edit