The Hidden Village of Kugup
Levels n/a
The Hidden Village of Kugup
The Hidden Village of Kugup
Introduced LU09
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to The Feerrott
Quest Lines none
Quests NPCs Monsters Named
Drops Instances POIs Discos

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After both the Second Rallosian War and the Rending, those frogloks lucky enough to survive hid themselves away within the jungles of the Feerrott. Ever since then they have been seeking a way to escape the region, fearing the proximity and repression of the Tae Ew Lizardmen. Marr gave them hope when recently adventures from the other continents began arriving to the Feerrott. The frogloks of Kugup no longer wishes to remain hidden, but will stand their ground together with any outside aid and fight back the Tae Ew.


To enter the Hidden Village of Kugup, the player have completed the access quest, Uncovering the Froglok Secret. Afterwards the zone may be entered via a stone-pedestal in the Feerrott at ( -1039, 1, 856 ) /waypoint -1039, 1.32, 856.

  • After the pedestal is interacted with, the teleportation portal may not visually render. However, if you hover your mouse slightly above the pedestal, the invisible portal called 'A Swirling Vortex' can still be clicked-on.


  • Merchants are available in this zone, but no mender.