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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Lost Temple of Cazic-Thule
Journal Level 47 (Tier 5)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone The Temple of Cazic-Thule more
How to Start Nemar Gadgetglow( 33, 0, 69 ) /waypoint 33, 0, 69, just inside the temple portion
part of: Temple of Cazic-Thule Timeline
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  • This quest used to be the access quest for The Sanctum of Fear, but the access quest is no longer a requirement.
  • Later in the quest, you will need four A clay golem hearts which drop from the clay golems wandering the zone (additionally, the a steel golem heart dropped by The Steel Golem can also be used.) This is NOT a step in the quest prompted by the NPC and can be done at any time prior to or during this quest.


  1. Collect weapons from the Tae Ew:
  2. Return to Nemar Gadgetglow.
  3. Find three auto-updating items inside The Temple of Cazic-Thule. Any lizard gives up.
    • Sliver of Thulzite
    • Shard of Thulzite
    • Piece of Thulzite
  4. Return to Nemar Gadgetglow.
  5. Complete the ring event at the pool down the back stairs of central pyramid( 0, 44, -214 ) /waypoint 0.00, 44.00, -214.00 by killing successive waves of monster starting with the swirling ooze (46^^^ Heroic) and ending with The Acidic Mass (49^^^ Heroic). Once killed, it takes an hour to respawn the ooze to restart the ring event.
  6. Receive a Broken Key, and take this to Nemar.
  7. Speak to Ux Uval ( -2, -13, -76 ) /waypoint -2, -13, -76.
    • This is where you "learn" the need for the 4 golem hearts.
  8. Find the The Pool of Dread ( 0, 4, -8 ) /waypoint 0, 4, -8.
  9. Enter the The Sanctum of Fear ( -17, -10, -173 ) /waypoint -16.64, -10, -172.80.
    • You MUST have the 4 clay hearts before you start this step!
  10. Make your way up the passage to the top room. As you kill Mobs on each landing there will be a group of 3 or 4 come running down to investigate and attack. Do not advance to the next landing until they come down. This will happen on each landing. Be carful at the top landing there is named just out of sight. You will know you are at the top when the investigating mobs will not run down. Also, the ramps turn up to the right until the last one which turns to the left.
  11. Once the named is killed, you will be at the bottom of an arena with stairs leading up to a large landing area. The are many lizardmen groups and wanderers that need to be cleared to get at the idols in the next step.
  12. The Heart of Fear - idol

    right-click idol to place

    There will be four idols around the center altar. Place A clay golem heart in each one.
    • After placing each heart, 2-4 an Ancient Thulian terrorfiend will spawn
    • After all four hearts are placed, Fright will spawn on top of the central altar, along with four friends in two groups of two. After the front group is killed, it seems to automatically respawn making it virtually impossible to solo this step. It is possible to solo if you have a pet class, as you can have the pet pull Fright off the platform, and none of the 4 respawning mobs will chase, as they have a pretty low aggro radius.
  13. Kill Fright to complete the quest. Fright has a long duration stifle/stun/dazzle.