Ironically, the centaur of The Great Herd must simultaneously prevent and prepare for war.

The Great Herd (Shattered Lands)
Roaming across the plains of The Thundering Steppes is the centaur society known only as the Great Herd. These centaurs have learned to live off the land and trust no one if they wish to survive the perils of the Age of Destiny.

The Great Herd currently consists of just two tribes, The Steelhoof Centaur and The Amazon Centaur. In the custom of centaur, the sexes are separated, thus, the Steelhoof are solely male and the Amazon are solely female. Due to dwindling numbers, these two tribes are rarely separated from one another, with the Amazon patrolling the open fields while the Steelhoof defend their camps and raid the human settlements.
Although seemingly brutal savages, the centaur do not desire conflict, and are often forced into skirmishes with the expanding human population and their ancient enemy, The Sabertooth Gnolls. For this reason, no centaur of The Great Herd will outright attack a passerby, unless of course that passerby has earned a villainous reputation through outright killing of centaur.
Much can be learned through the centaur: cooperation, tolerance, honor. But it would also behoove a new adventurer to refrain from slaughtering them, at least until all their offered quests have been completed, of course.

No known allies
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