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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category World Event
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Frostfell Wonderland Village more
How to Start Speak to Frestishan at ( 422, 72, -1557 ) /waypoint 422, 72, -1557

What does this information mean?


NOTE: If you're trying to earn the achievement Frostfell Overdrive!, you must complete the race within 2:45 (that means 1:00 or more left on the timer when you collect the last present). Since the quest is only repeatable once every 24 hours, it is advisable to return to the bottom of the ramp and let the timer expire, then try again. If you accidentally do collect the last present, delete the quest instead of handing it in, then get it again.

  1. Grab Frestishan's present at the bottom of the ramp at ( 194, -38, -1227 ) /waypoint 194, -38, -1227
    • At this point, a 3 minute 45 second timer will start. You need to pass through each of the cubes to collect the candy canes. The cubes must be passed through in order; the cube that you need to pass through should have a sparkling effect. There are two types of presents that will make the task difficult; a stack of brown wrapped presents which have a knock-back/knock-up effect, and a stack of purple and black presents which slows your speed by about half. You will have a debuff that prevents you from flying. If you do not collect all of the presents in the allotted time, the game prompts you to return to the bottom of the ramp and try again.
  2. Grab the presents!
    1. Grab the first frozen treat at ( 178, -39, -1272 ) /waypoint 178, -39, -1272
    2. Grab the second frozen treat at ( 270, -39, -1332 ) /waypoint 270, -39, -1332
    3. Grab the third frozen treat at ( 316, -39, -1265 ) /waypoint 316, -39, -1265
    4. Grab the fourth frozen treat
    5. Grab the fifth frozen treat
    6. Grab the sixth frozen treat
    7. Grab the seventh frozen treat
    8. Grab the eighth frozen treat
    9. Grab the ninth frozen treat
    10. Grab the tenth frozen treat
    11. Grab the eleventh frozen treat
    12. Grab the twelfth frozen treat
    13. Grab the thirteenth frozen treat
    14. Grab the fourteenth frozen treat
    15. Grab the fifteenth frozen treat
    16. Grab the sixteenth frozen treat
    17. Grab the seventeenth frozen treat
    18. Grab the eighteenth frozen treat
    19. Grab the nineteenth frozen treat
    20. Grab the twentieth frozen treat
    21. Grab the twenty first frozen treat
    22. Grab the twenty second frozen treat
    23. Grab the twenty third frozen treat
    24. Grab the twenty fourth frozen treat
    25. Grab the twenty fifth frozen treat
    26. Grab the twenty sixth frozen treat
    27. Grab the twenty seventh frozen treat
    28. Grab the twenty eighth frozen treat
    29. Grab the final frozen treat
  3. Return to Frestishan!


White and Blue Snowflake This article refers to events, personae and activities only present in-game during the annual Frostfell celebration. Frostfell comes to Norrath each year from (roughly) the second week of December to the first week of January.

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