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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Everfrost  (AA)
Journal Level 38 (Tier 4)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Everfrost more
How to Start Examine one of the gravestones on the island due West from the dock. ( 184, -20, 114 ) /waypoint 184, -20, 114
part of: Everfrost Timeline
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What does this information mean?

WARNING: This quest will result in massive negative faction with the Everfrost valkyries, also known as The Order of the Blade. This quest was part of the original Everfrost timeline, back when it was impossible to gain faction with the valkyries, and it does not take into account that the LU48 Everfrost revamp made it convenient to have decent faction with them. The faction hits can be avoided by allowing your mercenary to "solo" the valkyries.

Steps Edit

  1. Slay many valkyries (Cloudsong maidens, Galebreaker maidens, Skyshield maidens, Windrider maidens) in Everfrost.
  2. Retrieve the Gavel of Justice near the ice door.
    • The gavel can be found near the Icespire Summit entrance. ( -101, 60, -908 ) /waypoint -101, 60, -908
  3. Bury the Gavel of Justice at the gravestone of Shamus Felligan. ( 182, -19, 111 ) /waypoint 182.35, -18.61, 111.06


  • Shamus Felligan was one of the Guildmasters of The Shamen of Justice, the original guild for Barbarian Shamans in Everquest 1.