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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Obulus Frontier  (AA)
Journal Level 100 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Obulus Frontier more
How to Start Speak with Brytthel in Nye'Caelona at ( -210, 91, -209 ) /waypoint -210, 91, -209
part of: Kunark Ascending Crafting Timeline
Preceded by:
Stranger Friends
Choose the Slug Life
The Proof of the Pudding
Followed by:
Time Is Short
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What does this information mean?


  • You will need 500 gathering to gather the Arcanna'se precious metal
    • Note:Equipment and tools count towards the 500, that means you can do it with 475 Gathering skill +25 from the pudding earring.
    • You can use the node for the metal and just click the node over and over for the skill ups if needed.
  • You need to have completed The Proof of the Pudding for Researcher Thelzik Ku'Rok to speak with you in Bathezid's Watch
  • Crafting the Overseer's Shield and Sword using a forge, you will need the following:
    • 5 Thaumic material
    • 6 Splitiron Ore
    • 6 Bornite Nodule
    • 6 Umbrite
    • 10 Thaumic Coal


  1. Speak with Shanks in Twark at ( 270, -173, -746 ) /waypoint 270, -173, -746
  2. Return to Brytthel in Nye'Caelona at ( -210, 91, -209 ) /waypoint -210, 91, -209
  3. Consult the knowledge of sarnaks
    1. Speak with Researcher Thelzik Ku'Rok in Fens of Nathsar at ( 1164, 203, 1536 ) /waypoint 1164, 203, 1536 at Bathezid's Watch
    2. Receive a book with missing pages depending on your Tradeskill class at the end of the conversation
  4. Find enough information to help me create a recipe
    • Complete the Collection depending on your Tradeskill class, then turn it in to a Collector.
  5. The page below for The Legend of Dalnir (Craftsman) gives location tips for all classes.
    1. Note: you must turn in the collection to update the quest!
  6. I must work with other artisans to gather the items I'll need to enter Dalnir's crypt.
    1. The recipe you receive from the collector will depend on your TS class
    2. Illusion: Mummified Ganak Noble - for Alchemist or Sage or Jeweler
    3. Incense Dispenser - for Carpenter or Woodworker or Provisioner
    4. Overseer's Sword - for Armorer or Weaponsmith or Tailor
    5. Overseer's Shield - for Armorer or Weaponsmith or Tailor
      • Note: You will need at least one of each of the above before proceeding. All of these are freely tradable. Either purchased from the broker, Use the crafting commission system. Have Alts or Guild mates craft for you etc... Just make sure the quest updates to the "enter Crypt of Dalnir" step before proceeding after you have at least one of each of the listed items in your inventory.
  7. Enter the Crypt of Dalnir: Baron's Workshop (Tradeskill) at ( 792, -129, -581 ) /waypoint 792, -129, -581 in Obulus Frontier near Twark (use the Twark Transport Totem to get there swiftly).

    The alcoves in the first long hallway have breakable walls if you climb into them.

  8. Find and speak to Haggle Baron Dalnir. To do so, do all of the following first:
    1. Turn the statue on the right
      • Use the Illusion: Mummified Ganak Noble to get past the iksar. Note: doing this before turning the statue might bug the zone. If so, cancel the illusion and start over.
      • Drag the incense to a hotbar. Use the Incense to kill the ghosts. It only works within 12m of mob, but note that the aggro range is about the same. If you target the mob and stand at 13m from it and cast the incense at them, it will work. Or you can lay down a trail of 1-3 incensers and run up to them then quickly away to drag them over the incense.
    2. When you reach the first hallway, destroy the wall inside the alcoves at ( -764, 26, 19 ) /waypoint -764, 26, 19 (see example image), enter the hidden room, and destroy the obulus vase to receive a crypt key. Note that the vase can be in either alcove.
    3. Go through the left door and down to the goo area. Fish in the "accumulation of goo" till you find overseer's key. Accumulation of goo are trackable with Track Harvestables.
      • Note: the green slime water will kill you
      • Note: if running reduced graphics, the "accumulation of goo" *WILL* be invisible, look for the Hand icon to find and then Fish for key. Turning up Options.Display.Model Detail.Level of Detail Bias will make them easier to see as well.
      • Note: Make sure you get the on screen update that there are floating chunks in the goo else you will not get the key.
  9. Go to the door at ( -198, 27, -328 ) /waypoint -198, 27, -328

    Use caution when fishing from the Accumulation of Goo. Falling in will kill you!

  10. Place the shield on the west stand and the sword on the east stand
  11. Go through the door and speak with Haggle Baron Dalnir
  12. Craft Rune Conduit
    • The Rune Conduit must be crafted at one of the three Dalnir's Forges in Dalnir's room, and requires items from the two side-rooms:

      Above: one example of the supplies found in the side rooms after talking to Haggle Baron Dalnir


      Above: the nodes to look for to gather some of the supplies to repair the portal. Wax is found on the alchemist table nearby.

      • imbued tynonnium - metal bar on the table in room on R/west
      • Dalnir's smithing hammer - from the chest at ( -278, 26, -441 ) /waypoint -278, 26, -441 in room on L/east
      • dust of the ethernere - from small bag on a table in room on R/west
      • blessed water - from "container of water" in room on R/west
      • 2 Dalnir's infused coal - from "a bin of infused coal" in room on R/west
  13. Return to Brytthel in Nye'Caelona at ( -210, 91, -209 ) /waypoint -210, 91, -209
  14. Before you enter Arcanna'se Spire: Into The Spire (Tradeskill) make sure you have everything you need by reading the notes on Time Is Short.
  15. Enter the Arcanna'se Spire: Into The Spire (Tradeskill) in Thalumbra, the Ever Deep
  16. There is an upper level find a way to access it. You will do this by repairing the broken portal and traveling through it to the upper level.
    1. Prepare the relics
      Spire Portal Contruction and Repair
      1. In the first room on the left is a broken portal, find a way to repair it
      2. In the library (second room on the left) is a scroll "Spire Portal Contruction and Repair" at ( 154, 3, 10 ) /waypoint 154, 3, 10 - random loc in the room The scroll has a golden particle effect.
      3. Craft 3 Spire Anchors with Arcanna'se Workbench at ( -17, 1, -25 ) /waypoint -17, 1, -25, each requires
        • Arcanna'se precious metal - found in the garden (inner ring) and requires 500 gathering (gain skill by practicing on the nodes here)
        • 3 arcanna'se hardwood - found in the "Hardwood Shrub" (big green bush) in the garden
        • Candle wax - from the room in the far NE ( -57, 4, 32 ) /waypoint -57, 4, 32, a candle on the table
      4. Replace the 3 broken spire anchor at ( 49, 1, 11 ) /waypoint 49, 1, 11
      5. Use the portal to travel to the upper level
      6. Speak with Queen Alwenielle at ( -471, 5, 20 ) /waypoint -471, 5, 20
      7. Queen Alwenielle will give you the quest Time Is Short at the end of the conversation. Complete Time Is Short
  17. Return to Brytthel


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