See Also: Far Journey, lore about the ship itself

The Far Journey
Levels 1
Introduced Shattered Lands
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to Outpost of the Overlord
Queen's Colony
Quest Lines none
Quests NPCs Monsters Named
Drops Instances POIs Discos

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The Far Journey is a zone that serves as a tutorial for navigating the world of EverQuest II. Newly created players who select Queen's Colony or Outpost of the Overlord as their starting towns will spawn in this zone. After completing the tutorial missions and arriving, it will never again be accessible.

It was removed from the game for a long time, but became available again at some point in 2016 when Queen's Colony and Outpost of the Overlord were likewise readded to the game.

Lore Edit

Geography Edit

Travel Edit

To leave The Far Journey, you must complete the quest Tasks aboard the Far Journey.

Revive Locations Edit

Revive Location Description

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Similar Zones Edit

Zone Name Level Range Region Notes

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