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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category The Feerrott
Journal Level 54 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Thundering Steppes more
How to Start Examine any of the crates to the south of where Quint Cerlius M.E. stands ( -571, -14, -495 ) /waypoint -571, -14, -495, then talk to Quint.
part of: Fallen Dynasty Timeline
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Followed by:
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What does this information mean?


  • This quest was the original access quest for the Fallen Dynasty Timeline. While still completable it is no longer required to access the Isle of Mara.

Steps Edit

  1. In The Feerrott, to the left of the dock on the beach ( 72, -7, -111 ) /waypoint 72, -7, -111, you will find a rowboat to The Far Pelican
  2. Examine the rowboat to row out to the ship.
    • Note: You cannot zone to the rowboat if you are grouped with a character (including a mercenary) that is not on the same quest.
  3. Get rid of the pirates and their leaders. Note: the pirates are mislabeled as "heroic", but in fact they are soloable.
  4. Speak with Captain Bobick.
    • Note: If you appreciate lore, consider asking him about Fiddy Bobick while you're chatting.

Rewards Edit

  • Safe passage to the Isle of Mara (no longer required)
  • The Far Pelican (does not show in quest journal) *appears in Quest Journal under Feerrott Quest as "The Far, Far Away Far Pelican"

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