The Item, Location, Quest, or MOB referred to by this page, The Efreeti Bastion,
is obsolete and is no longer required, but remains in the game
As of LU24, this quest is no longer necessary to access The Bastion of Flames. It remains in game, however, as a completable quest..

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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Solusek's Eye  (AA)
Journal Level 51 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Solusek's Eye more
How to Start Click the book located at ( -117, -509, 200 ) /waypoint -117, -509, 200

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Shared mobsEdit

Bad Jerky also requires Efreeti soulslavers


  1. Kill Bastion keepers and Bastion stewards ( -165, -369, -218 ) /waypoint -165, -369, -218 until you obtain the two auto-updates
  2. Kill each type of giant until you receive an auto-updating shard from each one. You may not receive an update immediately and may have to kill each type repeatedly until you get the update. The giant types are:
  3. Forge the efreeti bottle by clicking the first forge just outside of the Forge of Ages ( -70, -625, -37 ) /waypoint -70, -625, -37
  4. Kill The Castigator ( -276, -371, -95 ) /waypoint -276, -371, -95 on sublevel 5
  5. Kill 4 Efreeti soulslavers