The Down Below
Levels 5-12
Introduced Shattered Lands
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to Qeynos Capitol District
Qeynos Province District
The Caves
Dungeons Vermin's Snye
Instances Crow's Resting Place
Quest Lines Qeynos Sewers Timeline
Harvesting Tier -
Quests NPCs Monsters Named
Drops Instances POIs Discos

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The Down Below was once a favored method of getting directly from any province or district in Qeynos to another - especially for players on slower computers wishing to avoid the lag of the major sections of the city.

Now, it's almost entirely obsolete. There are very few quests, none with good rewards, no discovery locations, and very few named monsters worth AA.

There is a room near the middle of the zone ( -81, 0, -100 ) /waypoint -81, 0, -100 with zone access to the four major Qeynos districts (that is to say, you can zone into Qeynos Capitol District at either the North Qeynos or South Qeynos sewer grates), a door to The Caves, and a grate leading down to Vermin's Snye.

The rest of the zone is mainly laid out in a southwest to northeast pattern. The circular rooms at either end of the zone used to have access to the Qeynos Suburbs - and because back in the day new players would be venturing into the Down Below from the suburbs, the monsters are at the weakest near the edges of the zone and stronger towards the middle. There are still a few quests to be found here.

Lastly, some corridors running southeast lead to a slightly higher level section of the zone filled with more aggressive monsters.

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