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EverQuest II Zone Information
Introduced Shattered Lands DB
Level Range 5-17
Adjacent Zones Vermin's Snye, All Qeynos City and Village zones
Instance Public
Timelines Qeynos Sewers Timeline
Quests NPCs Monsters Named Monsters
Drops Instances POIs Discos

What does this information mean?


Access Points are sewer grates located in Qeynos and villages.


Access from "North Qeynos (South)"

Sewer grate at 438.83, -16.54, 85.85

Access from "South Qeynos"

Sewer grate at 366.62, -20.92, 177.79

Access from "Qeynos Harbor"

Sewer grate at 673.31, -18.64, -66.83

Qeynos Villages

Access from "The Caves"

Sewer grate under the falls at -30.89, -0.49, -76.08

Access from "The Elddar Grove"

Sewer grate at 519.39, -17.67, -401.87

Access from "Starcrest Commune"

Sewer grate at 810.73, -20.33, 259.19

Access from "Graystone Yard"

Sewer grate at 817.24, -25.46, -149.88

Access from "Nettleville"

Sewer grate at 661.93, -22.32, 333.60

Access form the "Baubbleshire"

Sewer grate at 858.74,-18.58,-529.58

Access form the "Willow Wood"

Sewer grate at 805.82, -21.37, -639.18

Access form "Castleview Hamlet"

Sewer grate at 805.82, -21.37, -639.18


Return to the Elddar Grove, The Caves, North Qeynos, South Qeynos and Qeynos Harbor

from the Large Central Sewer room at (-83.50,-0.55,-99.55)

Return to the Starcrest Commune, Graystone Yard

from the bottom of the Lower Circle Stair room at (-1.59, -4.98, -1.18)

Return to Nettleville

from the top of the Stairs at (-14.03, 6.94, -1.35)

Return to the Willow Wood and Castleview Hamlet

from the bottom of the Upper Circle Stair room at (-207.20, -4.98, -190.61

Return to The Baubbleshire

from the top of the Stairs at (-201.72, 6.4, -20302)

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