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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Loping Plains
Journal Level 67 (Tier 7)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Loping Plains more
How to Start Talk to Wolfmaster Heinrich ( -435, 10, 13 ) /waypoint -435, 10, 13 in Village of Somborn in Loping Plains
part of: Dire Wolf Timeline
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The Dire Ravager Whisperer
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What does this information mean?


  1. Capture a dire warg in Loping Plains.
    • Place the Dire Warg Muzzle you received in your charm slot, then use (activate) it on a dire warg. You can find dire wargs ( 378, 60, -206 ) /waypoint 378, 60, -206 west of the Village of Somborn near Copse of the Ahroun, or at ( 335, 28, -289 ) /waypoint 335.13, 28.32, -288.54 near The Wolf's Maw.
    • Note: Dire Wolf and Dire Ravager do not work for this quest.
    • Note: In spite of the quest text, you do not have to actually bring the Dire Warg back to Wolfmaster Heinrich. Simply getting the muzzle on the animal seems to satisfy the quest. However, you do have to make it back to him without dying, because that will break the 'charm' that the muzzle casts on the wolf. If that happens, Heinrich will say something about you having some trouble, give you another muzzle and ask you to try again.
  2. Return to Wolfmaster Heinrich.

Does this actually work? I have tried to tame 4 dire wargs (3 epic and 1 normal) and I get no option to use the item on the dire wargs.

  • (answer) Yes, I found that I had to equip the belt in a charm slot. Then open my character sheet (C) and select the 'equipment' tab. Right click the belt (charm slot) and select the 'use' option. It's a hassle but it works. If the wargs are white or yellow to you, or if you're a mage, you need to be fast because you need to be in agro range for the charm to work. Also, it takes a couple sconds to cast. I recomend opening your character sheet before aproaching the warg. The muzzle will not work from a hotbar.
  • 5/13/16 you now have a button in your quest helper. click it once to equip and again when in aggro range to muzzle.


  • At least 18g 87s 32c
  • Ability to buy a Warg mount.You may right-click him and select "buy from merchant" to buy your Warg Mount.

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