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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Mission  (AA)
Journal Level 105 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Tranquil Sea more
How to Start Speak with Zhyxon Ikslox at ( 1225, 8, 1189 ) /waypoint 1225, 8, 1189 within Sapswill's Rest in Tranquil Sea, or Zhyxa Ikslox at ( 1224, 19, 1189 ) /waypoint 1223.58, 19.32, 1188.51 within Wanderer's Dock in Phantom Sea

What does this information mean?

Travel to Zavith'loa: The Lost Caverns (Advanced Solo)


Rumor has it that somewhere within Zavith'loa live beasts far more dangerous than the deinos on the surface. The Far Seas Trading Company have requested I discover any truth to this rumor.

  1. First kill the Allu'thoa riders at the entrance and use their mount to go next to Gra'ta the Mountain.
  2. Defeat the Mountain
    • Kill Gra'ta the Mountain.
    • To make Gra'ta attackable, return along the same road you came in on and kill about four armored ipsumodon.
    • Groups of three linked compsognathus cause you to take more damage, try to clear them before attacking Gra'ta (look near ( -3750, 74, -299 ) /waypoint -3750, 74, -299 for an area with three nearby).
  3. Slay the master of beasts
    • Kill Beastmaster Kau'mua first, and then his pet, Ceracuspis.
    • Get back on the dinosaur mount to travel to the next named, Beastmaster Kau'mua.
    • Clear all nearby monsters, even those that are non-aggro, to prevent them from adding during the fight with the Beastmaster.
    • Ceracupis' run speed is much slower than that of the Beastmaster. Use this to your advantage.
    • From time to time, Ceracupis will drop a small red target ring on your location. Shortly after the target ring is dropped, he will charge that target ring, resulting in a lot of damage and a big knock-back. Get away from the circle to avoid the effects, but note that the effects extend beyond the target circle and diminishes with distance.
  4. Render the Ravenous dead
    • Kill Mo'iana Warder and his followers.
    • Get back on the dinosaur mount to travel to the next named.
    • Kill the waves of Mo'iana Warders and Kindred of Mo'iana to spawn Mo'iana.
    • Occasionally during this fight Mo'iana will RED Emote something like "A fully formed Parasite...." Immediately target the adult parasite and burn it down before switching back to Mo'iana.


  • At least 1p 68g 40s 6250 status
  • 3 Far Seas Ferrin
  • Choice of one Chance Crate (Chain, Cloth, Leather, or Plate)

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