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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category World Event  (AA)
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Epic
Starting Zone see Starting the Quest below
How to Start Speak with Pearl Honeywine (Good Characters), a social anthropologist in Qeynos Harbor, or with Mareva D'Iniv (Evil Characters) in North Freeport.
part of: Roekillik Timeline
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What does this information mean?

The Monsters in this quest's instances scale up to a cap at level 50.


Note: You won't be able to enter the instances with a Merc. Suspend, then resume once inside.

The Roekillik ExcavationEdit

  1. Head to the small arena near the north center of the zone. Gladion, a 27 epic x2 minotaur, is in the middle of the arena, and three 27^^ Reverent Controllers are on the surrounding ledges. Gladion is not aggro by himself, nor is he linked with the Controllers, but attacking either Gladion or the Controllers causes both to attack you.
  2. The cage is under a ledge at ( 135, -48, 749 ) /waypoint 135, -48, 749. Once you grab it, a roekillik sandbagger will appear, stun you and snatch the cage away.
  3. Return to Pearl Honeywine or Mareva D'Iniv for your reward.

The Mysterious MineEdit

  1. Upon entering, take the left path. It is guarded by the same groups of roekillik in the previous quest.
  2. Once you reach the mine elevator room, take the north tunnel. Half way in is a group of two roekillik miners^ and a foreman^^. At the end of the tunnel is a room, guarded by an epicx2 greater rumbler. Behind and to the left of it is a small, antique cage. Grabbing it will summon a roekillik sandbagger, who snatches it away from you.
  3. Return to the NPC you received your quest from for your reward.

The Icy DigEdit

Before you begin keep in mind:

  • If all group members zone out of The Icy Dig, all progress inside will reset. It is better to die and revive in zone than to escape.
  • Icy Dig has an 1.5 hour lockout timer that is set after killing an Epic monster, and you will need to return to the zone for the two subsequent quests. Killing the regular Heroic monsters/named will not initiate the lockout timer.
  • Using Escape will zone you into Everfrost.
  • All group members must be on the quest or you will not get option for Icy Dig.
  • Entering is not possible if there is too much of a level difference between group members. If you have a mercenary, don't summon him before entering because he does not meet the enter requirements and you won't be presented "Icy Dig".
  • It could take up to four charges to break down a wall. Make sure you purchase plenty of explosives before entering.

  1. As you zone in, a roekillik watcher will immediately call an alarm and run off down the tunnel. If he is killed quickly, only a few miners will respond but if the roekillik watcher is not killed quickly, the whole zone will aggro you. The roekillik miners can be a challenge, even when grey.
  2. Blast a hole through the wall blocking off Vox's Chamber ( -1, 3, -271 ) /waypoint -1, 3, -271. (Stand as close as possible to the wall and "use" the Explosive Charge.) Once the wall comes down, there are two roekillik watchers who will summon more mobs to attack unless they are quickly killed.
  3. Head to the lower level via the ramp at the north end of the first floor.
    • Take a left just past the hole you blasted in the wall then an immediate right and you will find yourself at the ramp leading down. Follow the ramp and passages until you see a forge then take the double doors on the left.
  4. Locate the artifact - A small, antique cage - at ( -99, -39, -341 ) /waypoint -99, -39, -341. This location is right behind The Tundra Queen, a 56^^^ Epic (x2) tentacle terror mob accompanied by 4 56^ Epic(x2) tundra spawns. You cannot get to the cage without being in aggro range of the epics. Clicking the cage spawns a roekillik sandbagger, who stuns the group and makes off with the artifact. The quest will update for everyone in the group when one person clicks the cage.
  5. Return to the NPC you received the quest from for your reward.


  • It used to be possible to drop down from the first floor to the basement via a well above the Forge, avoiding most of the mobs between the entrance and the clicky. The instance now has an uncrossable barrier around the well.


  • Experience