The Coldwind Crier

The Coldwind Crier

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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone Qeynos Capitol District (Shattered Lands)
Location In South Qeynos, just south of the Lion's Mane Inn and Tavern ( 581, -9, 163 ) /waypoint 581, -9, 163
Discovery Location (AA) yes

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The Coldwind Crier exterior

Exterior of The Coldwind Crier

  • The Coldwind Crier houses the following amenities.
    • Change of Citizenship
    • City Quartermaster
    • Guild Cloak Designer
    • Guild Registrar
    • Portal Master
  • The Coldwind Crier was moved from its' former location in Qeynos Harbor to what used to be the Food on Foot in South Qeynos during the LU64 Qeynos revamp.

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