The City of Freeport
Levels All
Freeport CL Gate
Introduced LU62
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to The Commonlands
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Lore Edit

The city stirs under a newly revitalized sky. The clouds that once choked the horizon have parted, revealing a powerful presence, now returned. The tall, jagged towers and looming citadels, at once breathtaking and ominous, are lit up by massive, fiery braziers. The Overlord has returned and Freeport is reborn.
This is a city to behold. This is a city that everyone should want to be a part of. This is a city that commands respect and elicits fear from its enemies. This is Freeport – and it is Lucan’s!

City GuideEdit

South FreeportEdit

is where most travellers arrive to the city. Right at the docks you will find:

  • World Travel Globe and bell for local Travel
  • Banker
  • Broker
  • several other merchants, the most notable is Karila T'zel who sells flying carpets and titles for Academy members.

Up the stairs are some

  • Player housing
  • Guild Halls, as well as a path to West Freeport.

East FreeportEdit

is just up the road to the North. The Harbor Exchange has a

  • City Faction Merchant
  • Banker
  • Broker
  • Chronomages to decrease your character level and hand out quest,
  • Linguist
  • Reforger
  • Gigglegibber Scam Game Merchant
  • Freeport Militia Merchant
  • Mender to repair your gear.

Seafarer's Roost Is a place infested with

  • Mercenaries and the local
  • local Scout Faction.

heading up the curved road, you will reach a towncenter with:

  • Guild Registrar
  • Ambassadors for changing citizenship (to other evil cities)
  • a Portal Master (for Warlock and Wizard only)
  • Adorning Trainer and Merchant
  • Tinkering Trainer and Merchant and a lot more.

Geography Edit

The city is not a flat zone. Instead you'll find stairs and winding pathways that take you to each area, but most areas can be reached by multiple paths. For example, you can travel to The Jade Tiger's Den (a housing area) by going up a spiral stairway or by walking up a pathway and heading down a different set of stairs.


Mariners Bell Freeport

Mariner's Bells are used to travel within the City of Freeport.

Globe of Swift Travel

The Globe of Swift Travel can be used to travel to many zones outside of Freeport.

  • You can travel between areas of the city by locating a Mariner's Bell. They are typically located on the docks, but you'll also find one near the entrance to the coliseum.
  • Any time you need to travel to another zone, locate a Globe of Swift Travel. In the past we had two versions bells for travel, but this globe replaced it.
  • Some zones are adjacent to Freeport from within the city. If you open your map, you'll notice gates labeled for zones like the Commonlands. Head to that location and click on the gate to enter them.

Map Edit

Dungeons Edit

At this time, the zone doesn't have dungeons in the traditional sense. Instead, you may encounter some solo instances as you proceed through the quests offered here.

Raids Edit

As of 2014, this zone does not have any raid zones.

Adjacent Zones Edit

Zone Name Level Range Direction Access
Commonlands 10-20 West via the gate in West Freeport

Revive Locations Edit

Revive Location Description

Quests Edit

See the The City of Freeport Timeline for a list of various quests.

Similar Zones Edit

Zone Name Level Range Direction Access
Neriak, City of Hate 1-10 North via any Globe of Swift Travel
Gorowyn 1-10 by sea via any Globe of Swift Travel

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