Qeynos Rulers
1. Vallius Bayle
2. Antonius Bayle I
3. Antonius Bayle II
4. Antonius Bayle III
5. Antonius Bayle IV
6. Anton and Antea Bayle
7. Antonius Bayle V
8. Antonius Bayle VI
9. Antonius Bayle VII
10. The Circle of Five
11. Antonia Bayle

Appellation: The Circle of Five

Forebear: Antonius Bayle VII (given name unknown at present)

Progeny: None. Verfied lineage claims of Shirrana Bayle.

Time of Rule: The Age of Cataclysms to The Age of Destiny

The Council of Qeynos is also known as the Circle of Five. However, this particular appellation usually refers to the period of time when the Council held express executive rule over the city in the absence of a Bayle, as it did after the end of the rule of Antonius the Seventh.

As the ruling council of the city government of Qeynos, the Circle of Five was comprised of members of the major factions within the city, including:

  1. A General of The Qeynos Guard
  2. An Officer of The Celestial Watch
  3. A Mage of The Concordium
  4. A Ranger of The Tunarian Alliance
  5. The Leader of the Ironforge Exchange


Originally, the ruling Council was known as the Council of Ten (specifically during the rule of Antonius Bayle IV), and so it may be assumed that the Council does not have a fixed-size membership. The membership of the Council of Ten included the "heads of each guild," merchants, and notable nobles.

The Ruler of Qeynos has veto power on the council, and the Ruler is the only one that may declare war or enter into treaties on behalf of the City of Qeynos. Conversely, the Council holds the sole power, by unanimous vote, to remove the Ruler from office, in which case a new ruler would be democratically elected by the citizens of the city. (This latter case is one of several reasons why citizenship may be deemed of such importance in Qeynos.)

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