The Caves
Levels 10-15
The Caves
Introduced Shattered Lands
Zone Type Public
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Harvesting Tier 1
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The Caves is a dark and rather dreary place to be in. It is excellent for a place to fight in a dungeon-type atmosphere. It is roughly 3 levels high with ramps and pitfalls to get up and down. You'll find spiders, bats, and various gnolls who live in the connecting caves.

With the newbie timelines for good aligned characters shifted to Kelethin and New Halas, The Caves is essentially a deprecated zone. There are a few named monsters worth AA to track down, quests for completionists, and that's about it.


[any lore for this zone available?]


The caves are divided into three levels.

The bottom level has a small quest hub. The Mariner's Bell is near the quest hub. The door to The Down Below is east and north along the water. The monsters are all level 10 and most are non-aggressive. The Dustpaw Gnolls, the weakest of the three gnoll clans in the caves, are the most dangerous thing to be found here.

The second level is patrolled by the Mudpaw Gnolls and by aggressive golems as well.

The top level is far more dangerous than the others. The Rockpaw Gnolls and stronger alabaster golems are everywhere, and the bats, snakes and spiders in this level are aggressive as well. There are a few ^^^ Heroic named monsters on this level as well. There are two quick ways to get to the bottom of The Caves and safety - the first is to follow the stream in the north of the zone. The second are the holes along the south edge, which drop fleeing adventurers safely in the water. Monsters on this level are mostly 12-13.

Finally, a path on the top level leads to some monsters in the 14-15 range.


There are two ways to access The Caves. The first is through the Qeynos Mariner's Bells that can be found in the four main Qeynos districts and the four Qeynos Outskirts zones. The second is through a door in The Down Below.

Adjacent Zones Edit

Zone Name Level Range Direction Access
The Down Below 5-10 East through the door at ( -28, 1, -75 ) /waypoint -28, 1, -75

Revive Locations Edit

Revive Location Description

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