Long ago in the Age of Turmoil, the famed gnomish artist C.M. Brushwuttle was commissioned by the Knights of Truth and the Paladins of Marr in Freeport to create an iconic statue that could be used to represent the ideal of a valorous knight. To do this, Brushwuttle envisioned a gallant avatar, almost a god-like being that he called "The Cavalier." The face of the Cavalier would be partially shrouded by a cloak. This was done to represent the humility of the true knight as well as mask the knight's race - something that did not matter among the valorous. The Cavalier was heavily armored and held the hilt of a grand broadsword. The broadsword was actually patterned after the Sword of Faith, a sword once given to knight-lords of the Knights of Truth. The Cavalier was not aligned to any particular deity, but was intended to symbolize a figure of great faith. Thus the icon of the Cavalier was born.

The Knights of Truth and the Priests of Marr were overwhelmed by the powerful visage of the Cavalier. It was erected in a prominent place within their quarter of Freeport, and Brushwuttle was promptly commissioned to sculpt four more. Soon visiting knights to the city gazed upon the statue and were just as moved by it. New orders came in to Brushwuttle from numerous orders of knights. As time went on, the Cavalier became the iconic sculpture for valor and knighthood. It can be found in nearly every corner of the world where great knights gather, and even in the ruins where they once existed.

---Source: Everquest II website

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