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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Heritage  (AA)
Journal Level 80 (Tier 9)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Moors of Ykesha more
How to Start Examine a broken mechanical pen
part of: Heritage Quests Timeline
Preceded by:
Trail to the Past
Followed by:
A Gnomish Master Plan

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  1. In Antonica, click the gear at ( -978, -11, 714 ) /waypoint -978, -11, 714 (near Firemyst Gully) to spawn a portal. Clicking the portal will zone everyone in the group in, so be sure everyone in the group has their gear-click update.
  2. Click on the portal to enter A Clockwork Apocalypse
  3. Kill 10 of the clockworks in the zone. Most are 80-82^^ heroics with some 78-80^ non-heroics. All the mobs are soloable but difficult - and social. Clockworks in Steamfont Mountain update this part.
  4. Talk to a time-locked enchantress in the A Clockwork Apocalypse zone at ( 820, -20, 278 ) /waypoint 820, -20, 278
  5. Head to Qeynos Province District and speak to Sarbith Plegnog ( 725, -20, -75 ) /waypoint 725, -20, -75
  6. Head to Fens of Nathsar and talk to Fixademic Gughlis in the Drogan Exile Camp ( -593, -204, -1338 ) /waypoint -593, -204, -1338
  7. Kill Nurgan goblins for 8 auto-updates. The goblins from the pass into the Nurgan Mining Camp all count ( -402, 30, -1826 ) /waypoint -402, 30, -1826
    • Note: Avoid killing local "Drogan" goblins, regardless of their death updating the quest, as one will gain a NEGATIVE Faction with Exiles_of_Droga_(Faction); focus on "Nurgan" goblins, which will allow one to gain faction with Exiles_of_Droga_(Faction).
  8. Return to Fixademic Gughlis
  9. Return to Sarbith Plegnog in Qeynos Province District
  10. Return to the time-locked enchantress in A Clockwork Apocalypse (the mobs will have respawned)