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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Heritage  (AA)
Journal Level 45 (Tier 5)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Stormhold more
How to Start Seize the glowing sword at the top of the spiral stairs in Stormhold ( -150, 6, -96 ) /waypoint -150, 6, -96. An Inert Bone Bladed Claymore will appear in your inventory. Examine it to be offered the quest.
part of: Heritage Quests Timeline
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A Key to the Past
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What does this information mean?

BBC Stormhold

the Bone Bladed Claymore (quest starter) in Stormhold


  • You must have the A Key to the Past quest (or have completed it) in order to start this quest. You do not need to complete A Key to the Past to start this quest.
  • You must be level 40 or higher to grab the sword and start the quest at top of spiral steps.


  1. Kill Opalla, a level 42 ^^^ heroic gnoll shaman, inside Blackburrow. You can find Opalla directly south of the bridge, in the farthest room ( -24, -16, 83 ) /waypoint -24, -16, 83. He will spawn and attack you as soon as you enter the room. (Opalla has been renamed to Opolla. See Discussion)
  2. Examine the sword.
  3. Slay Redak, the Troll Warrior, a level 44 ^^^ heroic mob located in the chapel in Stormhold ( 88, -16, -9 ) /waypoint 88, -16, -9. Easiest way to get to the chapel is to go down the spiral staircase, go down the hall to the atrium and enter the door to the left of you, There will be a "pond" in front of you, take the path to the right and follow it down until you are in the room with the cavaliers. Go up the staircase and follow the hall that wraps around the room to a door that will be on your right.
  4. Examine the sword again.
  5. Re-forge the hilt and bone blade and make it one again.
    • In order to re-forge the blade you must have an ebon cluster
    • Go to Runnyeye and head down the path just past the bridge until you come across the first room with goblins past the archway, there will be another room with more goblins. Once you enter the room to the left there will be a small alcove and inside will be a forge and a anvil sitting in front of the forge. Inspect the anvil to reforge the blade. ( -10, 1, 5 ) /waypoint -10, 1, 5 Eq2map
  6. Examine the sword again. To get your sword you will need to slay 1,000 Sentient beings.
    • This means killing any intelligent monsters. Examples: skeletons, goblins, gnolls, lizardmen, zombies, and bandits. Golems and any type of undead monster are not.
    • The Graveyard zone next to The Commonlands, The Mirror in Thundering Steppes, the Ruins of Caltorsis in Antonica, Blackburrow in Antonica or the Sprawl or the Ruins in Freeport are good places to do this if you don't mind the lack of XP. While still grey, the valley just before the tunnel into Crushbone in Greater Faydark is nearly ideal for swift passage of this step; the mobs come in encounters of three and four, and are close enough together to pull three or four encounters together for AE killing. Lizardmen such as found in Feerrott are also fine. Slaying in Zek, the Orcish Wastes, Lavastorm or The Sinking Sands will yield some good XP (if you're not high enough to solo these zones, by all means go with a group).
    • Note: You could choose to stay in Stormhold, for at least a part of this step, and simultaneously complete Berik's Revenge, which requires killing 100 undead.
    • Shortcut: Go to Antonica near (-1,154.62, -30.87, -1,027.39) and just kill Goblins there till You ding 1,000. Another place is at Behemoth Pond in Nektulos Forest....lots of sentient mushrooms there! Or you could always kill the Nightfall giants nearby. Chronomentor to 25 or 30.
    • I found the fastest place to be in Frostfang Sea at ( 653, 23, -262 ) /waypoint 653, 23, -262 as there is a continuous spawn of grey orcs. Alternatively, Chronomentor down to level 5 or 10 and go to this same spot. Get a merc up and just run around and aggro the A risen Ry'Gorr and let the merc take them down. Near instant re-spawn so it won't take long to get your 1,000 kills.
  7. Examine the sword again.
  8. Kill Gynok Moltar, the first wielder of the claymore. He is a level 47^^^ heroic mob, that spawns when you enter the room where you first grabed the Claymore on top of the spiral staircase in Stormhold.
  9. Examine the sword again.

NOTE: You can obtain the Electrified Bone Bladed Claymore after you've finished the original quest. By right-clicking on the forge in Runnyeye with both the standard Bone Bladed Claymore and Berik, Sword of Thunder in your inventory (but not equipped), you can choose to "Break Berik over the forge." Berik and the BBC will be removed from your inventory and you will receive the Electrified Bone Bladed Claymore. If you choose to do this, you cannot change the EBBC back to the other two swords, so please be sure of your decision. You can, however, purchase both the Bone Bladed Claymore and Berik, Sword of Thunder from Shady Swashbuckler XVIII in Nektulos Forest.


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