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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Nektropos Castle  (AA)
Journal Level 30 (Tier 4)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Nektropos Castle more
How to Start Examine a pile of books near the secret entrance to the Library ( -20, 13, 50 ) /waypoint -20, 13, 50
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  1. Entrance to the Captain's Study requires a key that can be obtained by clearing the mobs out of the Caretaker's Room ( -17, 14, -46 ) /waypoint -17, 14, -46 on the same floor. Also required by the quest The Everling Lockets (see step #8).


  1. Find the ingredients for the recipe:
    1. Fermented elixir - Search the wine racks in the cellar ( 6, -14, -42 ) /waypoint 6, -14, -42 just under the Captain's Study. You may have to visit the place more than once to get the update.
    2. two swine from the stables ( -24, 0, -24 ) /waypoint -24, 0, -24.
  2. After obtaining these items you need to go to the kitchen on the main floor ( 12, 0, -30 ) /waypoint 12, 0, -30 and use the stove.


  • Experience only


  • Completing the quest spawns five or six ravenous undead dreadguards in the courtyard. These used to give loot as the quest reward, but no longer give anything.
  • The swine and the Swine Lord placehold for each other in the stables. If you don't have a lockout timer you can zone in and out until you get the swine, otherwise you will have to wait on the 10-minute respawn timer.
  • Neither the Swine Lord nor the swine trigger the lock-out timer.
  • The number of swine that spawn varies from one to three.