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Test_copy is an EverQuest II server.

If you are a resident of this server, please feel free to add your Guild and Player Name to the sections, below!

EverQuest II Server Information
Server Test_Copy Created
Lang Server en Type

Note Edit

  • You can copy your Character to this server useing /testcopy add, after 24 - 48 hours your char should be copied to this server.
  • This server get's clearup from time to time, if you miss your char there just copy again.
  • For articles which refer to features or items that are currently on the Test server but have not made it to the Live servers yet see Test.


  • Ascension
  • <Unforgiven Souls>
  • The Order Of The White Lotus*


  • Saquarl
  • Blackshade
  • Rattatoullie*
  • Rezono*
  • Snapshot
  • Ninjasupremex
  • SweLady*
  • Intervention*
  • Barrett*

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