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Armor Set: Tempest

(2)Applies Mesmerizing Victim.

  • When target takes any damage this spell has a 4% chance to cast Mesmerizing Victim on target's attacker. Lasts for 2.0 seconds.
    • Mesmerizes target
    • Dispelled when target takes damage
    • Only affects targets level 72 and below
    • Does not affect Epic targets
    • Resistability increases against targets higher then level 85.

(4)Applies Fire Blast VI.

  • Increases heat damage done by spells by up to 30.


Each piece may not belong to all class categories. Please update when have more info on set.

This armor is dropped as follows:

BeltKelzaral the AnimatorThe Acadechism
Gloves[information needed][information needed]
Censer[information needed][information needed]
CapEmperor D'VinnThe Acadechism

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