Some good hunting areas:

  • Nektropos Castle: Love's Errand -- Kill everything, no matter what it looks like. I found erudite, fae, half elf, iksar, kerra, orc and ratonga.
  • Nektulos Forest around Behemoth Pond -- There are groups of researchers including high elves, halflings, wood elves, etc.
  • Shard of Love: Weeding Corruption -- Any creature can drop a variety of notes/candy, so it's worthwhile to clear the zone. I found barbarian, dark elf, dwarf, erudite, fae, froglok, half elf, halfling, high elf, iksar, kerra, sarnak, satyr, Shard of Love, and wood elf.

--Sigrdrifa (sig) (Talk) 20:55, February 6, 2016 (UTC)

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