Quest Zones
Isles Isle of RefugeQueen's ColonyOutpost of the OverlordMiscellaneous
Qeynos Villages BaubbleshireCastleview HamletGraystone YardNettlevilleStarcrest CommuneWillow Wood
Qeynos Outlying Areas Oakmyst ForestPeat BogForest RuinsThe Caves
Qeynos The City of QeynosNorth QeynosSouth QeynosQeynos HarborElddar Grove
Qeynos Catacombs The Down BelowVermin's SnyeCrypt of Betrayal
Freeport Villages Beggar's CourtBig BendLongshadow AlleyScale YardStonestair BywayTemple Street
Freeport Outlying Areas Sunken CityThe GraveyardThe SprawlThe Ruins
Freeport The City of FreeportNorth FreeportSouth FreeportEast FreeportWest Freeport
Freeport Sewers The Thieves' WaySerpent SewerEdgewater Drains
Karan AntonicaBlackburrowStormholdCondemned CatacombFiremyst GullySmarmy Sprocket
Thundering SteppesCove of DecayRuins of VarsoonSundered Splitpaw
D'Lere CommonlandsWailing CavesFallen GateGobblerock's HideoutBefallenSmarmy Sprocket
Nektulos ForestNektropos CastleBloodline ChroniclesShard of Hate
Neriak Darklight WoodNeriak, City of Hate
Shattered Lands Zek, the Orcish WastesDeathfist Citadel
Enchanted LandsRivervaleThe Tower of the DraflingRunnyeyeRunnyeye: The Gathering
EverfrostMiragul's PhylacteryPermafrost
LavastormSolusek's EyeThe Deep Forge
The FeerrottThe Lost Temple of Cazic-ThuleThe Obelisk of Lost SoulsShard of Fear
Desert of Ro Maj'DulCourt of the BladesCourt of the CoinCourt of Truth
Sinking SandsThe Living TombsSilent CitySilent City: The Delving DeadShimmering Citadel and Poet's PalaceHidden Cache
Pillars of FlameThe Clefts of RujarkScornfeather Roost
Isle of Mara Village of Shin
Kingdom of Sky Tenebrous TangleSanctum of the ScalebornTemple of Scale
Barren SkyNest of the Great EggPalace of the AwakenedAscent of the Awakened
The BonemireThe Halls of Fate
Faydwer Greater FaydarkKelethinCrushbone KeepNew Tunaria
Butcherblock MountainsKaladim
Steamfont MountainsKlak'Anon
Lesser FaydarkEmerald Halls
Loping PlainsMistmoore CatacombsCastle MistmooreMistmyr ManorEvernight AbbeyRavenscale RepositoryFreethinker Hideout
Kunark Kylong PlainsChardok
Fens of NathsarKurn's Tower: Breaching the VoidKurn's TowerEmperor Atrebe's Laboratory: The Fabled City of Kor-shaNu'rogaVeksar: The InvasionVeksar: The Sunken Theater
Kunzar JungleThe Moppet Shoppe
Jarsath WastesVeeshan's Peak
Gorowyn Timorous Deep
The Moors of Ykesha The Moors of YkeshaThe Ruins of Guk
Odus The Sundered FrontierThe Stonebrunt HighlandsThe HoleVasty Deep
New Halas Frostfang SeaIcy Keep: Retribution
Velious Great DivideThurgadin, City of the Coldain
Eastern WastesTower of Frozen ShadowKael DrakkelFortress of Drunder
Knowledge BooksLanguagesLore & LegendCataloguing
Holidays FrostfellErollisi DayBrew DayBristlebane DayTinkerfestNights of the DeadHeroes' Festival
Moonlight EnchantmentsCity Festivals
World Events FroglokRoekillikShard of Love: A Moment of ValorPlagueGriffon TowersReturn of the GodsSpiresKunark RisingShard of Hate
D.I.R.T.Y.Guildhall ConstructionVoid StormsQuellithulian SpiresAttack on the CrownsNew HalasDruid RingsDisciple of Erollisi
Destiny of Velious PreludeSummer FireworksVelious Transportation EventBeastlord PreludeA Goddess Risen
Other DeitiesArmorSignatureEpic WeaponsHeritageTrainingBetrayalCitizenshipCitizenship and Subclasses
PvPBattlegroundsGuild FormationGuild RaidsLegends of NorrathGuide QuestsPublic Quests
City Tasks QeynosFreeportKelethinNeriakGorowynNew Halas
Missions Void ShardsMarks of ManaarVeliousPrimal Velium ShardsPath of the Past
Tradeskill QuestsPaineelVeliousCity Tradeskill TasksAdorningApprentices
Collections Collections

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