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EverQuest II Zone Information
Introduced Splitpaw Saga
Level Range 20-50
Adjacent Zones Thundering Steppes, Splitpaw Den
Instance Public
Timelines none
Quests NPCs Monsters Named Monsters
Drops Instances POIs Discos

What does this information mean?

Splitpaw upper tunnels

The solo route through Splitpaw Upper Tunnels. Map by EQ2MAP.

This is a solo and heroic zone that can hold from 1 to 6 people. It leads from The Thundering Steppes to the Splitpaw Den.

NOTE: If you are traveling with people lower than level 50 and higher than level 60 (ie somebody level 44 and somebody level 61) you will be unable to zone in while grouped. To work around this, disband then have the lower level person enter the zone first. Then group together and the higher level person will be able to zone into the same instance as the lower level person. Your level will be force mentored to that person and you will not be able to unmentor. Mentoring while in the Thundering Steppes will not work. The only way to enter the instance with somebody within the level 20~50ish range and somebody above that level range is the method described above.

Access Edit

  • To enter this zone, you must first complete the access quest A Darkened Shard.
  • The entrance is found in the southwestern corner of Thundering Steppes, near the Skindancer gnolls. (170.58, 4.89, 1053.22)

Quests Edit

There are a few quests that take place entirely in the upper tunnels:


  1. The Final Journey
  2. The Eaters and the Eaten


  1. A Light in the Dark

Traveling to Splitpaw DenEdit

The lefthand route is heroic, while the righthand route is completely soloable. Both routes lead to the same final cavern, where the entry to Splitpaw Den is found.

The Right Hand Route

  • On the solo route, you can invis through rooms two and three (one can move items and detonate barrels while invis).
  • The difficulty scales to match your level, between level 20 and 50. You can choose to increase the target level slightly by choosing Normal, Difficult, or Very Difficult when entering.
  • Hint: Right-clicking a barrel gives you the option to 'Detonate'. Use these on cracked walls to make a path.
  • Hint: EQ2 has a built in feature allowing you to create a path marker to a specific location by typing /waypoint XX, YY, ZZ
  • To Reach the entrance to Splitpaw Den:
1: Follow the path away from the entrance and turn right.
2: Follow the path right until you reach a large room. Do not fall in the hole.
3: Pick up a barrel on the ledge near Loc (-125, -15, -87)
  • You may not have to climb all the way up. Standing on boxes near the ledge you can sometimes grab the barrels.
  • Stack more boxes if you are unable to reach the barrels.
4: Carry the barrel to the crumbling wall at Loc (-106, -17, -93) and set it down.
  • Right click the barrel and choose detonate.
  • Back away from the barrel before it explodes. If you are too close when it detonates you will be lowered to 1hp. You won't die but other monsters in the area are likely to aggro from the explosion and attack you as any nearby monsters are damaged from explosions as well and automatically aggro upon explosion even if you are stealthed.
5: Follow the path to the next room and grab the barrel on the ledge at Loc (-120, -11, -129)
  • You won't have to climb all the way up the ledge to reach this barrel. Just stand on top of the boxes at the base and target the barrel.
6: Carry the barrel to the crumbling wall at Loc (-65, -16, -165) and detonate it.
7: Follow the path up to a room overlooking a ledge.
8: Pick up the plank on the floor at Loc (-2, -3, -182)
9: Place the plank across the ledge at Loc (19, -2, -181)
10: Grab a barrel from the small mound next to where you grabbed the plank.
11: Carry the barrel across the plank and hop down to the lower level. Place the barrel at the crumbling wall on that ledge and detonate it. Loc (40, -5, -194)
12: Follow the passage to the entrance of Splitpaw Den. Loc (41, -30, -253)

The Left Hand Route

    • Work in progress.

See Also Edit

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