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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Splitpaw Saga
Level Range 1-60
Zone in from Sundered Splitpaw: Splitpaw Den
Parent Zone None
Difficulty Solo
Failure Lockout None
Success Lockout 1.5 hours
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

What does this information mean?

This zone requires the splitpaw adventure pack. This is a solo instance in the Splitpaw Adventure pack.

  1. Zone into the Arena ( 31, -82, -253 ) /waypoint 31, -82, -253
  2. Hail the gnoll on the ledge - Fip Slytail
  3. Fight all the challengers
  4. Fight the treasure chest

List of Challengers

  1. a giant plague rat (even lvl)
  2. a famished grotto aranea
  3. Old Yellowtooth (even lvl) AA Experience
  4. a virulent rock crawler (even Level - single down arrow)
  5. a dreadsnout ravager (1 lvl higher - single down arrow)
  6. Phosm Stonebend (1 lvl higher) AA Experience
  7. Splitpaw's Hope 2 gnolls - Kateth Brawnstrong and Gidheon Pathweave - (both white, one down arrow)AA Experience
  8. a hateful Teir'Dal slave, a dwarven gladiator, and a disillusioned gnome slave - all 1 lvl higher, 2 down arrows
  9. The Pit Champion - 2 lvls higher, AA Experience

Rewards Edit

  1. a mounted dreadsnout head
  2. Summon Zygomyd Sporeling
  3. One of the following:

Special Note Edit

Mobs do not scale with the players above level 50. If you are above level 50 and mobs are grey, you will receive no reward, however, you will still be able to advance the quest line needed for completing "A Darkened Shard, Part 2". After each challenger a note will display at the top of your screen telling you that you have trivialized the arena and no reward will be offered and the final fight with the chest will not happen.

Note Edit

If you choose "difficult" upon entering, you'll get the mobs 2 levels higher than normal. If you choose "very difficult", 5 levels higher.

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