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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced LU60 SS
Level Range 90
Zone in from The Fortress of Drunder
Parent Zone None
Difficulty Group
Persistence 18 Hours - 3 Days
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

What does this information mean?

The information below has been verified with in-game data and the information on this page is correct, even if it looks stupid or makes no sense.
Fact: Zonename is Strategist's Stronghold

Strategist's Stronghold

Prime Marus Nhak (Need loot confirmation) - 
FYI: Comes with 2 adds 
Adds memwipe, so I killed them. 
He ports people to the platforms on the sides, so put your campspot between them so it's safe. 
He spawns massive amounts of adds at a time. They are a linked encounter with no HP. They were on my warlock so I targeted them and they blew up in a matter of 1-2 seconds. I'll probably just blue AE them next time. 
Overall, tank and spank with some adds. 

Djuul Ripclaw (Need loot confirmation) - 
Pure tank and spank. Did absolutely nothing that I could tell. 
Shini-Zonn Livia (Need loot confirmation) - 
Does a large knockback, which will knock you into aggro radius of the trash up the ramp. So clear it first. 
Spawns adds and roots herself. 
At around 55% (maybe time based?) she spawns 3 dogs and goes immune. You'll need to burn 1 dog down ASAP. Each puts an uncurable debuff on you, and they put out some serious DPS. 
After you kill all 3 dogs, wait like 20 seconds and she should become killable again. When she was low (15%?), she dropped a turd on the ground that took everyone to 10% health per tick. I moved away from that. She drains power at this stage to 0, so it's just a tough it out until the end from here. 
Hardest fight so far (of Spire and Strat). 
Prime Shini-Zonn Hypatia (Need loot confirmation) - 
1. Named spawns 3 adds on a timer. 
2. Named puts a shield up , when this happens , red emote , do NOT hit named. 
3. Adds need to be killed first , then back to named. 
4. If you get arcane affect , don't cast till it's cured , it will power drain you. 
Spawns adds (not sure if timed or percentage). 
Has a knockback. 
Does an uncurable charm on the tank. Doesn't last "too" long.. but good luck tanking the named plus a few adds when this happens. 
Kill new adds , back to named , rinse repeat. 
Will charm tank , lasts around 5-10 seconds

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