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The Enchanted Lands Timeline
1. Start of Something Big
2. Surveyor Says
3. What's This Thing Do?
4. Sanity Check
5. Halt, Who Goes There?
6. Stolen Jum Jum
7. I Know Nothing! Nothing!
8. A Deputy's Dog
9. Trainer Woes
10. It's Not the Water
11. A Thousand Words
12. Plan The Fundraiser
12a. Fundraiser One: Apples Away
12b. Fundraiser Two: Sewing a Sampler
12c. Fundraiser Three: Table for Two
12d. Fundraiser Four: Dagger of Doom
13. I Hate Fundraisers
14. I Hate The Hole in the Wall
15. I Hate Old Plans
16. I Hate Those Wimmin
17. The Houndslayer, Part 1
18. The Houndslayer, Part 2
19. The Houndslayer, Part 3
20. Last of the Tier'Dal, Part 1
21. Last of the Tier'Dal, Part 2
22. Last of the Tier'Dal, Part 3
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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Enchanted Lands  (AA)
Journal Level 33 (Tier 4)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Enchanted Lands more
How to Start Speak with Deputy Kegie in a wagon at The Riverwatch outside Rivervale ( -205, 0, -355 ) /waypoint -205, 0, -355
part of: Enchanted Lands Timeline
Preceded by:
Halt, Who Goes There?
Followed by:
I Know Nothing! Nothing!

What does this information mean?


  1. Visit the bar in the Lost Village of Bobick ( 43, 2, 34 ) /waypoint 43.28, 1.52, 34.17 (This step auto-updates when you go to the far end of the bar)
  2. Examine the barrels at the Lookout Stump ( 316, 2, -376 ) /waypoint 316, 2, -376
  3. Kill The Jum Jum Thief that spawns next to the barrels after examining them ( 306, 2, -373 ) /waypoint 306, 2, -373
  4. Return to Deputy Kegie


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