There are more than one version of the zone depending on the difficulty:

Walkthrough (Advanced Solo) Edit

Unatu (Advanced Solo)Edit

Poxrata (Advanced Solo)Edit

Linked with Krudu, Grudu and Brudu, kill these first.

The Earthen Behemoth (Advanced Solo)Edit

Spawns rubble, kill these first. Whatever rubble is left, he will suck back up and they will heal him.

The VathsisEdit

Found this best to do with (10y vet) tank merc. Jump down and send tank to named. Named will activate the chamber guardians around the portal at certain health percentages. Kill those. Kill named.

Kavis Set'Ra (Advanced Solo)Edit

Jump down and start the fight; soon Kavis will use and destroy the teleporter. The column is now black, enter it from north, west or east to reach Kavis' shadows. Use your Heroic Opportunity to make the shadows attackable. After killing the 3 shadows Kavis himself appears down in the central room, now you can burn him down.

-- Ignore the portal in center unless you have to. It will give you a debuff in increments of 20 and caps at 80 that will decrease your total health. Can be dispelled. Wait for the water spouts to spawn and swim up those instead. If you ignored the center portal, his debuff (an uncurable aoe) won't effect you as badly.

Ignore the brineterrors. They will just respawn as soon as you kill one.

NOTE: Clear center room of all mobs to make the Behemoth fight easier on yourself. If you have AoE's they'll all end up aggroing during fight. The stone earthlings have a debuff that reduces healing taken.

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