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Class Swashbuckler Swashbuckler Icon Icon yellow rawr Wheel Green Coin
Level 46
Category (Target) Buff (Self)
 Casting Time  2 seconds
 Recast time  30 seconds
 Cost  0 power 1 concentration 
 Duration  Until Cancelled
Swashbuckler: Feigned Bravado Spell Line
Level Spell Name
32 Feigned Bravado
46 False Bravado
60 Spurious Bravado
Grants the swashbuckler a chance to become overconfident with bravado when engaging in melee combat. While under the Bravado proc effect, the swashbucker's attack rate and hate generated is increased. However, if the swashbuckler takes any damage, then all Bravado proc effects end (not the original maintained augmentation).

On a successful melee attack this spell has a 25% chance to cast Bravado on caster. Lasts 20.0 seconds.

  • Increases Hate Gain of caster by 5.0%
  • Increases Attack Speed of caster
  • Dispelled when target takes damage

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Spell Effects by Spell Rank
Effect Apprentice Journeyman Adept Expert Master Grandmaster Ancient
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Increases Attack Speed of caster by 41 45 52 60

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