Soulfire from launch
Soulfire from DoF cover

The origins of this magical blade are the stuff of legend. It has been claimed by both paladins and shadow knights at various times in history and has felled opponents both treacherous and noble. Some claim that the souls of those slain by this weapon are trapped within the sword itself. It is said that if you look closely at the glinting metal under the bright sun, you can see subtle visages of faces shrieking in torment. This sword was originally found by dark elves in the Underfoot, and it remained in the Teir'Dal Empire for centuries before it was stolen by a band of adventurers. Taken from Neriak's vaults, it passed through many hands and eventually found its way to the great trade city of Freeport. Disassembled by some unknown entity, its pieces were scattered around Norrath. As its legend grew and adventurers attempted to find the sword, fragments were gradually discovered. Eventually one courageous paladin collected all the lost pieces, and the sword magically reassembled of its own will. The valorous Order of Marr knew its power and quickly hid it far from the empires of man in a secluded fortress called Marr. But it was again stolen and disappeared for years, eventually ending up in the hands of the Avatar of War as he led the Rallosian Empire in a massive assault on Freeport. At the Battle of Defiance the Avatar was slain, and Soulfire was snatched from his dead clutches by the evil ruler of Freeport - the fallen paladin known as Lucan D'Lere. To this day the Overlord wields its fiery blade to inspire fear in the hearts of his subjects.

---Source: Everquest II website

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