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EverQuest II Alternate Advancement Information
AAs » Heroic AAs » Crusader Heroic AAs
Soulclaim Rank (*/1)
Heroic 2 points
Requires Requires 48 points in Heroic
Requires 275 points spent gobally
Soulclaim restores power to the group when any member of the group strikes a death blow. For a short duration after the death blow, group members will also receive increased Crit Bonus
Target Group (AE)
Power 170
Casting 0.5 seconds
Recast 2 seconds
Duration Until Chancelled
Effect Radius 50.0 meters
  • On a death blow this spell will cast Soulclaim on target. Lasts for 45.0 seconds.
    • Increases PvP Crit Bonus of group members (AE) by 1.0%
    • Increases Crit Bonus of group members (AE) by 1.0%
    • Increases power of group members (AE) by 6%
      • This effect cannot be critically applied.
    • This effect stacks with itself

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