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EverQuest II Zone Information
Introduced Shattered Lands SolEye
Level Range 45-55
Adjacent Zones Lavastorm, The Bastion of Flames, The Oratorium of Thyr, The Sanctum of Fire, Nagafen's Lair
Instance Public
Timelines none
Quests NPCs Monsters Named Monsters
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What does this information mean?

Solusek's Eye is probably the largest dungeon in the game, and one of the most visually impressive (particularly at the bottom). Because it is so large, it tends to cause performance problems on older computers that have less memory. However, it can be a very rewarding zone for those who can handle it.

Entrance Edit

To get to Solusek's Eye for the first time, take the horse to the Dragon's Breath Tunnel, follow the tunnel up, and walk along the edge of the lava pool to the door to the dungeon. Along the way, you will encounter level 55^ defenders of Thyr. These may be defeated by a well-geared and capable solo player of about level 48.

Outside the door to the dungeon, you may step on a teleporter gear that will reduce travel time to Solusek's Eye in the future. After stepping on this gear for the first time, you may use the gear in the building at the Lavastorm docks to teleport directly to the gear outside Solusek's Eye.

There is a similar pair of gears inside the zone itself, with one at the Gnome camp near the entrance linking one-way to a second gear in the room with the Speaker of Fates. These also require you to travel to the second gear before you can teleport to it. However, unlike the set in Lavastorm, the pair in Solusek's Eye can only be used to travel deeper into the zone and will not teleport you back to the top.

Areas Edit

  1. Solusek Mining Company (1st and 2nd floors) - level 46-47
    • This is the home of gnome miners and cinderfoot goblins. There are also areas infested with rock golems and quetzals. A good place for smaller groups at level 45 or so.
  2. Bug and Bat Country (3rd and 4th floors) - level 47-48
    • This large cavern network has huge populations of golems and plated fiends, and smaller populations of efreetis and spiders and crawlers. Mob density is somewhat higher, and groups must be more capable.
  3. Fire Giant Halls (5th floor) - level 49-50
    • Giants are large and have huge aggro ranges, but they are well spaced out and have few roamers. Therefore this is a great place for smaller groups and duos of higher level.
    • Attune yourself to the portal on the left side of the first giant room. This portal will allow you to skip floors 1-4 on future visits.
  4. The Caldera (6th-8th floors) - level 49-51
    • This is a vast cavern of bridges and platforms suspended over a sea of liquid hot magma. Fire giants populate the walkways and platforms. The network of walkways and elevators can be confusing to the newcomer. Numerous named giants can spawn in this area, plus a few raid encounters.
  5. The Bastion of Flames (5th Floor) - level 50-52
    • This instance contains a ring events with named bosses. Get access by completing the quest The Efreeti Bastion. This access quest is no longer required to zone in. Loc (-147.33,-368.90,-287.72).
  6. Oratorium of Thyr - level 50-52
    • This instance acts as a barrier between Solusek's Eye and Nagafen's Lair. The event inside is designed to make a group mandatory. After defeating it once, you can skip this instance on future trips to Nagafen's Lair.

Quests Edit

Access quest:

Ognit Eznertob quest series:

  1. Drednever Expedition: Unto the Breach(48)
  2. Host of Thyr. Act I: Restoration(49)
  3. Host of Thyr. Act II: Corruption(49)
  4. Host of Thyr: Act III: Reckoning(49)

Kill tasks:

Prismatic series:

  1. To Speak as a Dragon
  2. Fire and Ice
  3. Deception

Named Monsters Edit

Solusek Mining Company:

Bug and Bat Country:

Efreeti Caves:

Fire Giant Halls:

The Caldera:

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