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Race sokokar

a sokokar

This timeline is for obtaining access to the sokokar post network for speedy travel around Kunark (and also a pet). All quests are soloable. The minimum level to start the timeline is lvl 65.

For tradeskillers lower than lvl 65 adventurer but higher tradeskill lvl than 65 Borbin's assistant will give a timeline of tradeskill quests instead. (this may also happen if you reject's Borbin's inital quest dialog box)

Kylong Plains

Adventuring VersionEdit

Starting with Borbin Happens

  1. Cutting Your Teeth by Cutting Theirs (68)
  2. A Watchful Eye (69)
  3. My Enemy's Enemy (69)
  4. Lynchpin's Abduction (70)
  5. Here in my Sokokar I Feel Safest of All (70)

Crafting VersionEdit

Starting with Jones

  1. Fangs Away! (68)
  2. An Eye in the Sky (69)
  3. Sticking My Ore In (69)
  4. Preparations for the Rescue (70)
  5. Is It Good News? (70)

End Reward (from both chains): a young sokokar and the ability to travel in Kunark by sokokars. See the Sokokar page for a complete listing of post locations

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