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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Commonlands  (AA)
Journal Level 13 (Tier 2)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Commonlands more
How to Start Talk to Tiff Squeelunkle located a little east of East Nomad Camp at ( -228, -44, -847 ) /waypoint -228, -44, -847
part of: The Commonlands Timeline
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Crates on the Nerves
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What does this information mean?


Tiff Squeelunkle, working for the Seafury Buccaneers, wants help figuring out what the Blackshield pirates are smuggling.


  1. Tiff ( -231, -46, -847 ) /waypoint -231, -46, -847 gives you a courier costume to wear and sends you to Blackshield dock area.
    • The courier costume is a NO-ZONE fashion outfit (worn in the chest slot like all fashion outfits). Must be EQUIPPED, not just appearance slot.
  2. Approach the two Blackshield NPCs in the Blackshield area overlooking the docks ( -468, -92, -963 ) /waypoint -468, -92, -963 while wearing the costume. They will talk (while you eavesdrop) and then, thinking you're the courier, hand you a magically sealed document.
  3. Take the document back to Tiff who will then tell you to deliver it to the intended recipient at Pride Lake.
  4. Meet the mysterious contact, a dark elf, on the southeastern bank of the river right where it flows out of Pride Lake ( 437, -45, -368 ) /waypoint 437, -45, -368 while wearing the costume.
  5. Return to Tiff so that she knows the contact has the scroll.


  • Experience
  • At least 1s 70c