Smith Holgren

Smith Holgren

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Weaponsmith
Race Barbarian
Zone Qeynos Province District (Shattered Lands)
Location Hall of Steel ( 683, -20, 26 ) /waypoint 683, -20, 26


Basic Coal6c
Effulgent Coal1g 80s
Ethereal Coal1g 56s
Glimmering Coal3s 84c
Glowing Coal24c
Lambent Coal23s 4c
Luminous Coal15s 36c
Scintillating Coal36s 56c
Smoldering Coal1g
Sparkling Coal96c
Thaumic Coal3g

Level 1 - [information needed]Edit

elm bo60c
elm cudgel60c
elm fighting batons60c
elm quarterstaff60c
elm wand60c
tin bastard sword60c
tin battle hammer60c
tin broadsword60c
tin claymore60c
tin cutlass60c
tin dagger60c
tin double headed axe60c
tin flail60c
tin foil60c
tin halberd60c
tin hand axe60c
tin harpoon60c
tin hatchet60c
tin javelin60c
tin knotted club60c
tin knuckles60c
tin kukri60c
tin long sword60c
tin military pick60c
tin ornate spear60c
tin parrying blade60c
tin scepter60c
tin short spear60c
tin short sword60c
tin spear60c
tin tomahawk60c
tin tribal spear60c
tin tulwar60c
tin voulge60c

Level [information needed] - 100Edit

redwood bo14g 51s 52c
redwood cudgel12g 33s 79c
redwood fighting baton12g 33s 79c
redwood greatstaff14g 51s 52c
redwood knotted club12g 33s 79c
redwood quarterstaff12g 33s 79c
redwood sorcerers staff12g 33s 79c
redwood wand12g 33s 79c
rhino leather fist wraps12g 33s 79c
rhino leather whip12g 33s 79c
tynnonite assault axe12g 33s 79c
tynnonite bardiche14g 51s 52c
tynnonite bastard sword14g 51s 52c
tynnonite battle axe12g 33s 79c
tynnonite battle hammer12g 33s 79c
tynnonite broadsword12g 33s 79c
tynnonite cesti12g 33s 79c
tynnonite claymore14g 51s 52c
tynnonite crescent axe12g 33s 79c
tynnonite cutlass12g 33s 79c
tynnonite dagger12g 33s 79c
tynnonite dirk12g 33s 79c
tynnonite double headed axe14g 51s 52c
tynnonite epee12g 33s 79c
tynnonite executioners axe14g 51s 52c
tynnonite falchion12g 33s 79c
tynnonite flail12g 33s 79c
tynnonite flamberge12g 33s 79c
tynnonite foil12g 33s 79c
tynnonite great flail14g 51s 52c
tynnonite great spear14g 51s 52c
tynnonite great sword14g 51s 52c
tynnonite halberd14g 51s 52c
tynnonite hand axe12g 33s 79c
tynnonite harpoon14g 51s 52c
tynnonite hatchet12g 33s 79c
tynnonite javelin12g 33s 79c
tynnonite karabela12g 33s 79c
tynnonite katana14g 51s 52c
tynnonite knuckles12g 33s 79c
tynnonite kris12g 33s 79c
tynnonite kukri12g 33s 79c
tynnonite lance14g 51s 52c
tynnonite leafblade12g 33s 79c
tynnonite longsword12g 33s 79c
tynnonite mace12g 33s 79c
tynnonite maul14g 51s 52c
tynnonite military pick12g 33s 79c
tynnonite morning star12g 33s 79c
tynnonite ornate spear12g 33s 79c
tynnonite parrying blade12g 33s 79c
tynnonite pike14g 51s 52c
tynnonite rapier12g 33s 79c
tynnonite sabre12g 33s 79c
tynnonite sai12g 33s 79c
tynnonite sceptre12g 33s 79c
tynnonite scimitar12g 33s 79c
tynnonite scourge12g 33s 79c
tynnonite short spear12g 33s 79c
tynnonite short sword12g 33s 79c
tynnonite spatha12g 33s 79c
tynnonite spear12g 33s 79c
tynnonite stiletto12g 33s 79c
tynnonite tomahawk12g 33s 79c
tynnonite tribal spear12g 33s 79c
tynnonite trident12g 33s 79c
tynnonite tulwar14g 51s 52c
tynnonite voulge14g 51s 52c
tynnonite war axe12g 33s 79c
tynnonite warhammer14g 51s 52c
tynnonite wizards dagger18g 50s 69c


Available items are filrtered based on your adventuring level.

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