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Slimy Slug (Visible)

A friendly slimy slug

A slimy slug friend is a fluff pet: something that follows the player around, doing nothing. This slug is perhaps half as long as a Gnome is tall. Petting it makes it hunch up and down in its track. Poking it causes it to rear up and poke you back with a slimy tentacle. Hailing it causes it to emote.

You can get the ability to cast this pet by reading a Slimy Slug spell scroll.

This pet does NOT override your Deity pet.

The emotes:

  • ... exudes slime. (while rearing up and back)
  • ... glides gracefully along a trail of slime.
  • ... looks confused.
  • ... wiggles its antennae at you.
  • ... wobbles gently.

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