The Item, Location, Quest, Mob or NPC referred to by this page has been removed from EverQuest II.
This article is being retained for historical reasons
Posters no longer exist. Check slayer status in the Achievements Tab of your Journal, under General/Slayer. Click on individual groups to see progress.

Slayer poster

sample poster

A slayer status poster is hung in each player city, allowing you to click on it to see how many of each species you have killed. Special ranks and title suffixes are obtained by killing given numbers of specific species of mob.

Poster locationsEdit

City Location description Map loc
Qeynos North Qeynos, on a post near the front gate to Antonica ( 258, -21, -28 ) /waypoint 258, -21, -28 Eq2map
Freeport West Freeport, east side ( 79, -20, 17 ) /waypoint 79, -20, 17 Eq2map
Kelethin Northeast, on the outside of the only building on the top platform of the acorn lift. ( 49, 93, 68 ) /waypoint 49, 93, 68 Eq2map
Southeast [need better location description] ( 116, 94, 441 ) /waypoint 116, 94, 441 Eq2map
West [need better location description] ( 540, 76, 265 ) /waypoint 540, 76, 265 Eq2map
Top central [need better location description] ( 422, 94, 193 ) /waypoint 422, 94, 193 Eq2map
Neriak [need location] [need /loc]
Gorowyn [need location] [need /loc]

Groups countedEdit

Titles grantedEdit

  • Hunter of X - 500 Kills
  • Slayer of X - 5000 Kills
  • Destroyer of X - 10000 Kills

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