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Aviak Killer5Slay 25 Aviak.
Initiate Aviak Hunter5Slay 100 Aviak.
Accomplished Aviak Hunter5Slay 250 Aviak.
Master Aviak Hunter10Slay 500 Aviak.
Initiate Aviak Slayer10Slay 1000 Aviak.
Accomplished Aviak Slayer15Slay 2500 Aviak.
Master Aviak Slayer25Slay 5000 Aviak.
Aviak Destroyer50Slay 10000 Aviak.
Brownie Killer5Slay 25 Brownies.
Initiate Brownie Hunter5Slay 100 Brownies.
Accomplished Brownie Hunter5Slay 250 Brownies.
Master Brownie Hunter10Slay 500 Brownies.
Initiate Brownie Slayer10Slay 1000 Brownies.
Accomplished Brownie Slayer15Slay 2500 Brownies.
Master Brownie Slayer25Slay 5000 Brownies.
Brownie Destroyer50Slay 10000 Brownies.
Bugbear Killer5Slay 25 Bugbears.
Initiate Bugbear Hunter5Slay 100 Bugbears.
Accomplished Bugbear Hunter5Slay 250 Bugbears.
Master Bugbear Hunter10Slay 500 Bugbears.
Initiate Bugbear Slayer10Slay 1000 Bugbears.
Accomplished Bugbear Slayer15Slay 2500 Bugbears.
Master Bugbear Slayer25Slay 5000 Bugbears.
Bugbear Destroyer50Slay 10000 Bugbears.
Clockwork Killer5Slay 25 Clockworks.
Initiate Clockwork Hunter5Slay 100 Clockworks.
Accomplished Clockwork Hunter5Slay 250 Clockworks.
Master Clockwork Hunter10Slay 500 Clockworks.
Initiate Clockwork Slayer10Slay 1000 Clockworks.
Accomplished Clockwork Slayer15Slay 2500 Clockworks.
Master Clockwork Slayer25Slay 5000 Clockworks.
Clockwork Destroyer50Slay 10000 Clockworks.
Cyclops Killer5Slay 25 Cyclops.
Initiate Cyclops Hunter5Slay 100 Cyclops.
Accomplished Cyclops Hunter5Slay 250 Cyclops.
Master Cyclops Hunter10Slay 500 Cyclops.
Initiate Cyclops Slayer10Slay 1000 Cyclops.
Accomplished Cyclops Slayer15Slay 2500 Cyclops.
Master Cyclops Slayer25Slay 5000 Cyclops.
Cyclops Destroyer50Slay 10000 Cyclops.
Di'Zok Killer5Slay 25 Di'Zok.
Initiate Di'Zok Hunter5Slay 100 Di'Zok.
Accomplished Di'Zok Hunter5Slay 250 Di'Zok.
Master Di'Zok Hunter10Slay 500 Di'Zok.
Initiate Di'Zok Slayer10Slay 1000 Di'Zok.
Accomplished Di'Zok Slayer15Slay 2500 Di'Zok.
Master Di'Zok Slayer25Slay 5000 Di'Zok.
Di'Zok Destroyer50Slay 10000 Di'Zok.
Djinn Killer5Slay 25 Djinn.
Initiate Djinn Hunter5Slay 100 Djinn.
Accomplished Djinn Hunter5Slay 250 Djinn.
Master Djinn Hunter10Slay 500 Djinn.
Initiate Djinn Slayer10Slay 1000 Djinn.
Accomplished Djinn Slayer15Slay 2500 Djinn.
Master Djinn Slayer25Slay 5000 Djinn.
Djinn Destroyer50Slay 10000 Djinn.
Droag Killer5Slay 25 Droags.
Initiate Droag Hunter5Slay 100 Droags.
Accomplished Droag Hunter5Slay 250 Droags.
Master Droag Hunter10Slay 500 Droags.
Initiate Droag Slayer10Slay 1000 Droags.
Accomplished Droag Slayer15Slay 2500 Droags.
Master Droag Slayer25Slay 5000 Droags.
Droag Destroyer50Slay 10000 Droags.
Drolvarg Killer5Slay 25 Drolvargs.
Initiate Drolvarg Hunter5Slay 100 Drolvargs.
Accomplished Drolvarg Hunter5Slay 250 Drolvargs.
Master Drolvarg Hunter10Slay 500 Drolvargs.
Initiate Drolvarg Slayer10Slay 1000 Drolvargs.
Accomplished Drolvarg Slayer15Slay 2500 Drolvargs.
Master Drolvarg Slayer25Slay 5000 Drolvargs.
Drolvarg Destroyer50Slay 10000 Drolvargs.
Elemental Killer5Slay 25 Elementals.
Initiate Elemental Hunter5Slay 100 Elementals.
Accomplished Elemental Hunter5Slay 250 Elementals.
Master Elemental Hunter10Slay 500 Elementals.
Initiate Elemental Slayer10Slay 1000 Elementals.
Accomplished Elemental Slayer15Slay 2500 Elementals.
Master Elemental Slayer25Slay 5000 Elementals.
Elemental Destroyer50Slay 10000 Elementals.
Fairy Killer5Slay 25 Fairies.
Initiate Fairy Hunter5Slay 100 Fairies.
Accomplished Fairy Hunter5Slay 250 Fairies.
Master Fairy Hunter10Slay 500 Fairies.
Initiate Fairy Slayer10Slay 1000 Fairies.
Accomplished Fairy Slayer15Slay 2500 Fairies.
Master Fairy Slayer25Slay 5000 Fairies.
Fairy Destroyer50Slay 10000 Fairies.
Froglok Killer5Slay 25 Frogloks.
Initiate Froglok Hunter5Slay 100 Frogloks.
Accomplished Froglok Hunter5Slay 250 Frogloks.
Master Froglok Hunter10Slay 500 Frogloks.
Initiate Froglok Slayer10Slay 1000 Frogloks.
Accomplished Froglok Slayer15Slay 2500 Frogloks.
Master Froglok Slayer25Slay 5000 Frogloks.
Froglok Destroyer50Slay 10000 Frogloks.
Giant Killer5Slay 25 Giants.
Initiate Giant Hunter5Slay 100 Giants.
Accomplished Giant Hunter5Slay 250 Giants.
Master Giant Hunter10Slay 500 Giants.
Initiate Giant Slayer10Slay 1000 Giants.
Accomplished Giant Slayer15Slay 2500 Giants.
Master Giant Slayer25Slay 5000 Giants.
Giant Destroyer50Slay 10000 Giants.
Gnoll Killer5Slay 25 Gnolls.
Initiate Gnoll Hunter5Slay 100 Gnolls.
Accomplished Gnoll Hunter5Slay 250 Gnolls.
Master Gnoll Hunter10Slay 500 Gnolls.
Initiate Gnoll Slayer10Slay 1000 Gnolls.
Accomplished Gnoll Slayer15Slay 2500 Gnolls.
Master Gnoll Slayer25Slay 5000 Gnolls.
Gnoll Destroyer50Slay 10000 Gnolls.
Goblin Killer5Slay 25 Goblins.
Initiate Goblin Hunter5Slay 100 Goblins.
Accomplished Goblin Hunter5Slay 250 Goblins.
Master Goblin Hunter10Slay 500 Goblins.
Initiate Goblin Slayer10Slay 1000 Goblins.
Accomplished Goblin Slayer15Slay 2500 Goblins.
Master Goblin Slayer25Slay 5000 Goblins.
Goblin Destroyer50Slay 10000 Goblins.
Harpy Killer5Slay 25 Harpies.
Initiate Harpy Hunter5Slay 100 Harpies.
Accomplished Harpy Hunter5Slay 250 Harpies.
Master Harpy Hunter10Slay 500 Harpies.
Initiate Harpy Slayer10Slay 1000 Harpies.
Accomplished Harpy Slayer15Slay 2500 Harpies.
Master Harpy Slayer25Slay 5000 Harpies.
Harpy Destroyer50Slay 10000 Harpies.
Kobold Killer5Slay 25 Kobolds.
Initiate Kobold Hunter5Slay 100 Kobolds.
Accomplished Kobold Hunter5Slay 250 Kobolds.
Master Kobold Hunter10Slay 500 Kobolds.
Initiate Kobold Slayer10Slay 1000 Kobolds.
Accomplished Kobold Slayer15Slay 2500 Kobolds.
Master Kobold Slayer25Slay 5000 Kobolds.
Kobold Destroyer50Slay 10000 Kobolds.
Orc Killer5Slay 25 Orcs.
Initiate Orc Hunter5Slay 100 Orcs.
Accomplished Orc Hunter5Slay 250 Orcs.
Master Orc Hunter10Slay 500 Orcs.
Initiate Orc Slayer10Slay 1000 Orcs.
Accomplished Orc Slayer15Slay 2500 Orcs.
Master Orc Slayer25Slay 5000 Orcs.
Orc Destroyer50Slay 10000 Orcs.
Ravasect Killer5Slay 25 Ravasect.
Initiate Ravasect Hunter5Slay 100 Ravasect.
Accomplished Ravasect Hunter5Slay 250 Ravasect.
Master Ravasect Hunter10Slay 500 Ravasect.
Initiate Ravasect Slayer10Slay 1000 Ravasect.
Accomplished Ravasect Slayer15Slay 2500 Ravasect.
Master Ravasect Slayer25Slay 5000 Ravasect.
Ravasect Destroyer50Slay 10000 Ravasect.
Satyr Killer5Slay 25 Satyrs.
Initiate Satyr Hunter5Slay 100 Satyrs.
Accomplished Satyr Hunter5Slay 250 Satyrs.
Master Satyr Hunter10Slay 500 Satyrs.
Initiate Satyr Slayer10Slay 1000 Satyrs.
Accomplished Satyr Slayer15Slay 2500 Satyrs.
Master Satyr Slayer25Slay 5000 Satyrs.
Satyr Destroyer50Slay 10000 Satyrs.
Undead Killer5Slay 25 Undead.
Initiate Undead Hunter5Slay 100 Undead.
Accomplished Undead Hunter5Slay 250 Undead.
Master Undead Hunter10Slay 500 Undead.
Initiate Undead Slayer10Slay 1000 Undead.
Accomplished Undead Slayer15Slay 2500 Undead.
Master Undead Slayer25Slay 5000 Undead.
Undead Destroyer50Slay 10000 Undead.
Vampire Killer5Slay 25 Vampires.
Initiate Vampire Hunter5Slay 100 Vampires.
Accomplished Vampire Hunter5Slay 250 Vampires.
Master Vampire Hunter10Slay 500 Vampires.
Initiate Vampire Slayer10Slay 1000 Vampires.
Accomplished Vampire Slayer15Slay 2500 Vampires.
Master Vampire Slayer25Slay 5000 Vampires.
Vampire Destroyer50Slay 10000 Vampires.
Werewolf Killer5Slay 25 Werewolves.
Initiate Werewolf Hunter5Slay 100 Werewolves.
Accomplished Werewolf Hunter5Slay 250 Werewolves.
Master Werewolf Hunter10Slay 500 Werewolves.
Initiate Werewolf Slayer10Slay 1000 Werewolves.
Accomplished Werewolf Slayer15Slay 2500 Werewolves.
Master Werewolf Slayer25Slay 5000 Werewolves.
Werewolf Destroyer50Slay 10000 Werewolves.
Yha-lei Killer5Slay 25 Yha-lei.
Initiate Yha-lei Hunter5Slay 100 Yha-lei.
Accomplished Yha-lei Hunter5Slay 250 Yha-lei.
Master Yha-lei Hunter10Slay 500 Yha-lei.
Initiate Yha-lei Slayer10Slay 1000 Yha-lei.
Accomplished Yha-lei Slayer15Slay 2500 Yha-lei.
Master Yha-lei Slayer25Slay 5000 Yha-lei.
Yha-lei Destroyer50Slay 10000 Yha-lei.

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